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Kenmore elite HE3 Super Capacity Dryer

This dryer is great for the most part. It dries clothes faster than traditional dryers. It has numerous settings that range from ultra delicate to Jeans. It also has a touch up and timed dry function. And the casual setting keeps teh clothes fluffed evry 15 minutes or so until you take them out to prevent wrinkling...which is nice if you just get tied up, but not so much if you set to this cycle and leave home because then your dryer runs on and off for hours. It cam with a dryer rack for shoes or sweaters.

The downside is that the auto dry detect feature is not always great. If all the clothes you have in a load are the exact same material weight then it is fine. BUT, say you have jeans in with a nylon running suit. teh nylon running suit dries faster and is detected as dry stopping the cycle...but your jeans are still very wet.

This is a nuisance and has you running to the dryer frequently for only 1 or 2 pieces to be dry. Also, unless you buy the optional pedestal stand, this dryer will break your back because it sits so low to the ground.

Rating 4 out of 5

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