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Kenmore 3.5 cu. ft. I.E.C. Super Capacity High-Efficiency Dryer

by Summer

I bought this dryer from Sears about 9 months ago. I was really sick of the one I had. It was eating up a lot of electricity as well as taking its dear time drying my clothes. Ladies, when the husband says you have x amount of dollars to spend on new appliances the clearance section never fails!!

I got really lucky, they had just put in on the floor in the clearance section. Someone returned it so the cost went down about $200!! Although I have no clue as to why you would return this dryer? I absolutely love it!! My clothes dry so fast.

My old one I would have to turn the thing back on at least 2 times after setting on the max amount of time to get my clothes completely dry. The washer that goes with it is also amazing! It squirts water, turns, squirts water, turns...etc.

It has reduced our water bill by about $10/month. That is a $120/year savings. Our electric bill has gone down from the dryer also. It has been cut about $15/month. There's another $180/year. Geeze, in 5 years I will save about $1500! I defiantly recommend this dryer to anyone who hates to wait 2 hours for their clothes to be dry!!

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Aug 05, 2011
Clothes EATER
by: Crystal

This is by far the worst dryer I have ever encountered. It has ate so many items of clothing I'm ready to get violent on it! I've had the dryer for approx 5 yrs and it has been doing this since the beginning. I'm just now starting to reach my end with it because I have recently had my first child and decided I would give cloth diapers a whirl. Well the diapers them self are not cheap! I've had many of my diapers damaged!

What happens is, the article of clothing gets stuck in the front portion of the dryer. The other clothing continues to tumble and stuck item twists as the dryer turns.

Do not buy this item if you value your clothing!!!!

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