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Kenmore (2962) 600 Top-Load Washing Machine White 3.5 cu. ft.

One of the products of Kenmore is Kenmore White 600 3.5 cu. ft. Top-Load Washing Machine (2962). Kenmore White 600 3.5 cu. ft. Top-Load Washing Machine (2962) offers several cycles that allow the efficient and thorough cleaning of your clothes.

The machine is designed to clean delicate items and jeans. It has an Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) feature for dependable cleaning. The washing machine is also large enough to accommodate loads of even a large amount.

Interior Features
  • The porcelain wash basket of the washing machine ensures that it won't get easily scratched. This basket also resists odors.
  • It has a Second Rinse Option that facilitates the thorough removal of detergent. This makes this washing machine ideal for people with sensitive skin.
  • The washer has several cycle options that facilitate the thorough cleaning of the fabric whether delicate or not.
  • The washing machine has features that ensure the thorough cleaning of the loads without you exerting much effort in the process.
  • The washing machine contains features that allows the cleaning of items that needs gentle cleaning.

    Exterior Features

  • The classic white design of the washing machine gives it a simple and easy-to-manage look.
  • The control panel of the washing machine is very efficient to use.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 26"
    Height: 43-1/8"
    Width: 27"
    Total volume: 3.5 cu. ft.


    It has an Express Wash cycle for the easy washing of small loads. It has a large washing capacity. The washer can actually wash up to 17 bath towels with just a single loading. This can help you save on time and
    energy. The washing machine can clean various types of fabrics from delicate to tough ones. So you don't have to worry whatever type of laundry you are going to wash. The washing machine can clean small amount of loads and also large amount of loads. The washing machine can give you several options for the cycle. Another great thing about this washing machine is that it has an automatic temperature control that allows the efficient cleaning of the clothes. It also has a Hand Wash cycle for washing delicate items. The basket of the item is easy to wash and does not accumulate odor. The washing machine has a feature that removes detergent thoroughly from the basket.


    The machine does not efficiently filter well. Some consumers have difficulty wiping the scums from the basket before the rinse cycle. The washing machine is not available in various designs and colors. This one comes in a plain white color. The washing machine is so large that it can be a bulky thing to install in a small room.

  • has several washing cycle options
  • has features that facilitate the washing of delicate items
  • has automatic temperature control
  • allows the washing of both delicate and tough items
  • has an easy-to-manage items
  • easy to use
  • control panel is easy to use, even for first timers
  • has features that remove detergent from the basket
  • includes an express wash cycle


  • is available for a very limited color and design
  • may look bulky in a small room

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