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GE WVSR1060GWW top load washer

Efficient performance—this is what many consumers look for in a certain household equipment. With efficiency in mind, GE introduces its WVSR1060 top load washer. This laundry appliance really has lots to offer to consumers. Among these are its fabric cleaning and care features, which do wonders on the clothes by cleaning them thoroughly, yet ensuring that the fabric pieces are well taken cared of.

However, this washer also has limitations. Read on and find out what are the excellent features as well as the poor features of this washer.
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* not as pricey as other models

* has three water levels

* high loading capacity

* has the FlexiCare Agitator feature

* easy to use controls

* temperature combinations

* no variation in color

* no variation in design

* limited features

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Product Overview

With its 3.2 cu. ft. loading capacity, GE's WVSR1060 will enable the users to wash many pieces of clothes in just a single load. It is not so surprising, given that this washer has a height of 42 inches, width of 27 inches, and depth of 25 ½ inches. Because of this, users will certainly save on more water and electricity if they used this washer.

One can really save on energy through this washer, because aside from its large loading capacity, it also has three water levels. This three water levels feature helps users determine the amount of water needed for a certain load. It has also six wash cycles that would ensure the thorough cleaning of the different types of fabrics.

Aside from these, the WVSR1060 also has three temperature combinations. This feature is designed to control the temperature of water for best cleaning results and, at the same time, to ensure that the temperature is moderate enough not to damage items with delicate fabric pieces.

To best care for the fabric, this washer also has FlexCare Agitator. This special agitator has the capability to give the clothes a thorough washing and, at the same time, ensures that the risk of wear is reduced. For optimum cleaning capacity, this washer has six wash presets. Users can have various options on how they could wash their clothes.

For easy and fast control of the selection cycle, the WVSR1060 has a Rotary Electromechanical control, which is very easy to operate. This top load washer has one wash/spin speed setting that spins clothes at a consistent speed. This
is for the removal of moisture from the clothes for faster dry times.

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One of the features that consumers like about this washer is its loading capacity. This 3.2 cu. ft. washing machine can accommodate a heavy load of laundry. Because of its size, users would have their laundry washed with ease. And one has no need to worry anymore for the fabric of delicate clothes since these are taken cared of by the washer's FlexCare Agitator. With this system, users can expect to have cleaner clothes at the end of the cycle. At the same time, they don't need to worry about the delicate fabrics. Some consumers cite the washer's easy to understand and easy to operate control settings as its best feature.

Another feature that draws the interests of many shoppers to this washer is its quite operation system. The noiseless operation of this laundry appliance makes it ideal to be installed at home. With this machine, you can ensure that the sleeping time of your young children won't be interrupted even if you do the laundry at night. Another good thing about this washer that shoppers like very much is its less expensive price. WVSR1060 is actually a great deal cheaper relative to the prices of other washers with the same features.

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There are not so many disadvantages listed for this washer, according to some consumers. They say that the major drawback of this laundry equipment is its lack of variety. White is the only available color for this. This seems to be a minor disadvantage, however, for some people who take design as one of the most important factors in choosing household equipment, this limitation is a major drawback.

For some consumers, the features of GE's WVSR1060 is lacking relative to the features of the other top loaders of the GE brand. According to them, it should have included features such as end-of-the-cycle signal and additional cycle control option.

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Final Thought

It may be true that this washer lacks some features that are usually found in some washing machines. However, this washer has all the features necessary in ensuring that the equipment works in an optimum level of performance. Some consumers highly recommend this washer for those who want an appliance that is less expensive, yet can still meet the standard for a good and durable laundry equipment.

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Comments for GE WVSR1060GWW top load washer

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Mar 02, 2011
Defective control knob design
by: Anonymous

We bought this washer about three years ago for our 3-person family. The control knob is made of plastic and plastic teeth on the back side engage a stronger plastic tooth receptor to make selections. The plastic teeth on the knob are so worn down that the knob no longer engages and makes it impossible to select cycles. Using plastic for the teeth is a poor design. The knob is easily replaced, but replacements are plastic also and doomed to the same failure.

May 25, 2009
Very reliable
by: Asha

This washer was purchased for me from my parents from Lowes as a birthday present when I moved into my first apartment.

I had a GE dryer and I wanted to stick with that brand since this was the same brand that my parents had used all my life and they had alw3ays proven to be effective and reliable.

The washing machine is great! It is a top load washer and is very easy to use. It is a good size and perfect for the loads that I do on a daily basis.

This machine also contains what is called FlexCare™ Agitator. It says on the website that it gives a "gentle yet effective wash cycle. I also love that it is very quiet...it hardly makes a sound.

This is due to what GE calls the "Quiet by design" feature which definitely provides quietness to the machine. There are 6 wash cycles (my previous washer only contained half that amount, how ancient) and three water levels.

I love that the machine came with a great warranty and I was offered the extended protection plan. I have not had any problems so far and don't expect any soon. GE makes great appliances.

I can honestly say that it is very reliable and would recommend it for anyone who is in the market for a new washer.

May 25, 2009
Very noisy
by: Dawn

I bought this washer for a rental house that I am occupying and when visiting the local appliance store, this model stood out mainly for price. I did not want to invest a lot of money because I would not see a return on the machine. The model I bought was the GE WVSR1060G.

The price was $329.97 one of the lowest priced items on display. I knew the GE name so I figured it would be a safe bet for a reliable name.

It is a 27” top loading machine with 3 water levels, one for small, large and super. It has 6 wash cycles. It has a 3.2 cubic foot capacity. This was the exact size as the one I replaced so it fit perfectly in the space that I had and it is a nice looking machine for the money. The color is very bright white with blue accents.

My only concern is the noise that this machine produces. I first thought I was overfilling the machine so I did one load with just my bath mats in there and still the noise was so loud. I have this setup in the hall and if I run it at night, the only time I have to do laundry, I would wake my 8 month old up.

It is so loud but I guess you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a quiet machine this is not the model for you, I would advise spending a little more money for a quieter version.

Also, this one came with an energy star rating and it states that the estimated yearly operating cost is $45.00 per year but I have noticed a difference in my electric bill. So I think that you would benefit from paying more for a more energy efficient model.

Overall I am happy with the performance of the machine, it washes well and I have not ruined any clothing. It has not damaged anything I have washed.

The appearance is nice and noticeably newer looking. If you are on a budget and do not care about the noise factor then I would recommend this machine.

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