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GE WPGT9150HWW 27" Top-Load Washer 10 Cycles 4.0 cu. ft.

The WPGT9150HWW is suitable for larger families that face a lot of laundry in a week. With its intuitive features and energy efficient performance, most families will benefit from the energy savings and the convenience that this unit delivers.

Interior Features
  • The WPGT9150HWW comes with a stainless steel basket that is capable of carrying larger loads of laundry , meaning you get clean more loads at one time. The stainless steel dryer is also more durable compared to plastic or porcelain tubs, giving you more years of great performance.
  • HydroWash system with Infusor provides easy frontload performance with top load convenience.
  • The unit is energy efficient, allowing users to save up to 14 gallons of water and up to 90% in energy savings.
  • Direct-Drive motor with Adaptive Spin speed combination make efficient and thorough washing possible, according to the kind of fabric you have. You can choose slower spin speeds if you want to protect delicate fabrics.
  • The 1010-RPM spin speed feature removes more water during the spin cycle in order to maximize the total drying time.
  • Flow-through dispensing system releases the cleaning solution when it is needed, no need for you to manually load the detergent every time you wash.
  • The unit sports 5 wash/rinse temperatures and multiple wash cycles that allow customization for optimum wash performance.
  • The Delay start feature is perfect for those who are very busy and want to do laundry on their own times.
  • Speed wash feature lets you do quick washes during busy days. Pop the load in and get clean laundry in a matter of minutes.

    Exterior Features

  • Status and wash cycles are
    visible through the attractive LCD display.
  • It also sports the HydroView glass lid which makes the load visible without having to pop the lid open or to stop the cycle.
  • The unit comes in classic white or champagne, giving customers at least two classic finishes to choose from.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 28 1/4
    Height: 43 inches
    Width: 27 inches
    Total volume: 4.0 cu. ft.


    The WPGT9150HWW is a very stylish and attactive washer that comes with an electronic panel that is easy to work with. It comes equipped with an intuitive water sensor and washes clothes carefully and efficiently so that you get clean clothes for the least amount of water and power.


    One of the main disadvantages to this machine is the noise. Most users complain that the noise can become too loud when it gets down to 25 minutes left. It also gets very loud during the end of the spin cycle. The initial wash cycle also does not do a very good job agitating the load, perhaps the reason why clothes do not come out as clean as expected.


  • large capacity means less time in doing the laundry
  • easy without the use of a pedestal
  • classic white finish gives the unit an elegant look


  • clothes take a long time to wash
  • cothes come out wrinkled and still dirty
  • thick and bulky fabrics take so long to wash and do not come out clean
  • machine can be too noisy
  • the initial wash cycle does not agitate or swish around
  • hard to adjust anything in the water level area

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