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GE GTWP2005MCC Bisque on Bisque Top-load Washing Machine 3.4 Cu. Ft.

ExtrAction Basket, GentlePower Agitator

ExtrAction Basket, GentlePower Agitator

The GTWP2005MCC is a bisque top-load washer from GE that offers 3.4 cubic feet of laundry volume in order for the user to wash soiled whites or colored clothes. The machine also has up to 14 wash cycles to choose from that is tailor-fit for different types of clothes or different types of stains.

The fabric of your clothes will not suffer from excessive wear and tear because of the GentlePower feature of the machine that allows it to clean your clothes and other laundry items without damaging the fabric.

Interior Features
  • Not only does the machine offer gentle washes but it also offers a dual action agitator that is designed to remove most of the dirt that has stuck to your clothes. This way, your clothes come out clean and smelling fresh after each wash.
  • The machine has three different levels of water temperatures and also has three different stages of water levels. This ensures the user of optimal conditions to remove stains from your clothes without wasting too much water in the process.
  • Equipped with 14 wash cycles, it is designed to handle different types of clothing and stains. The 3 wash/rinse water temperatures will make lifting of dirt and thorough rinsing possible without damaging the fabric.
  • For dark colors, you can choose from heavy, medium, light, and extra light soil, as well as rinse & spin. to make sure that you can have the cleaning performance you expect while ensuring that the color won't easily fade. The same options are available for the cottons cycle.

    Exterior Features

  • Take advantage of this machine's ExtrAction Basket that allows the machine
    to handle more rumbles and tumbles, giving you value for your money with a machine that lasts longer in terms of number of wash cycles.
  • Make sure you are washing your laundry the right way with the color lid instructions that is printed on the lid of the machine. The front of the machine is also serviceable in case the user will need to call customer service.
  • The machine comes in a standard design with bisque on bisque finish. It is simple but elegant for a heavy-duty washer.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25.5 inches
    Height: 42 inches
    Width: 27 inches
    Total volume: 3.4 cu. ft.


    The top-load washer has 14 wash cycles that match the users' washing needs. It also has three water levels that are adapted to the amount of laundry that is being washed. This allows the user to save water while washing. The machine also has a RainShower System that facilitates water conservation. With LED Cycle Status Lights and Rotary-Electronic controls, setting the machine to the preferred cycle and setting is almost hassle-free.

    The machine combines gentle fabric care and powerful cleaning performance. As a result, clothes and other laundry items come out clean and fresh-smelling but still smooth and free of tears. Like other GE washers, this top-loader is designed to be heavy-duty and reliable.


    Despite being advertised to have an AutoBalance Suspension System, it still makes a little noise during operation.


  • ExtrAction basket
  • dual action agitator
  • 14 wash cycles
  • good cleaning performance
  • good fabric care


  • less capacity than usual
  • makes some noise and may shake

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