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Frigidaire GLWS1439 top load washer

Frigidaire is not only a known manufacturer of kitchen appliances but also a brand known for its line of modern washing machines, front-loading or not. The Frigidaire GLWS1439 is part of its series of top loaders that come with a more affordable price. This washer is also a space-saving solution, especially for people who have cramped areas or just want to maximize the space.

Though some users say that it is not as sophisticated as other powerful washers, the Frigidaire GLWS1439 still offers the basic formula for having a more through and clean wash in less time.
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• affordable

• space-saving

• cleans well

• has lint filter

• noisy

• cannot fit into small spaces and cabinets

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Product Overview

The Frigidaire GLWS1439 is a heavy-duty machine that can effectively wash and take care of different laundry items. It fits heavy loads of laundry through its top-loading door of the 3 cubic feet polypropylene wash tub that won’t scratch and won’t damage the fabric. The use of water, detergent, and even energy is regulated to ensure not only a clean and thorough wash but to also save on cost.

Key features

The Frigidaire GLWS1439 allows users to do their laundry the way they want to. Since it is a top-loading machine, this washer can be stored even in very tight spaces where a front-loading machine’s door would very well hamper some activities. The laundry goes into its Titan 25™ polypropylene wash tub with a capacity that will surely accommodate even large loads. Its LoadSaver™ Super Capacity Plus further ensures a thorough wash, without having to do two or more batches of laundy. In effect, the task is made more efficient and faster.


This washer doesn’t just wash the clothes and other fabric but rather goes for a deeper and more thorough clean with its prewash cycle. With this option, the dirty laundry is treated with clean water first to lift stains, dirt, and even bacteria before it is run through the washing cycle with detergent. Its soak cycle also ensures that the detergent takes its time to take out stubborn stains of the fabrics before washing.

When it comes to driving out the stains and dirt from clothes, the Frigidaire GLWS1439 has three agitate/spin speed combinations to suit any kind of fabric. The heavy-duty 2-speed 3/4 HP motor works well to ensure smooth and thorough washing, as it runs through the different cycles. The Precision Roll Plus agitator effectively handles the laundry, going for a deeper clean without doing damage to the fabric.

For those who want to take charge of their laundry, the Frigidaire GLWS1439’s Precision Wash System allows it to be done with great
ease and efficiency. Delicates such as garments made from flimsy materials get a thorough washing with the hand wash setting that’s as good as doing it with bare hands. This top loader also has 13 other cycles to choose from to get the same deep clean for garments made from different types of fabrics. Denim, cotton, silk, and even quilted materials can get that thorough washing by taking a spin through this washing machine.

The three wash/rinse temperature combinations of hot/cold, warm/cold, and cold/cold ensure that the quality of the fabric is not compromised. The washer’s variable water level control helps regulate the water level to save on utility bills, while the automatic temperature control further ensures that the laundry gets a thorough clean without getting damaged.


The Frigidaire GLWS1439 also has an efficient bleach dispenser, should there be a need for a more meticulous wash. Likewise, the fabric softener dispenser and self-cleaning lint filter also helps make the laundry come out smelling clean and fresh and free from lint and stray fibers.

Sure-Spin™ suspension system

Aside from careful washing, the Frigidaire GLWS1439 ensures that the clothes and other fabrics are free from detergent build-up. Other good options also include the extra rinse auto option as well as the power spin and Sure-Spin™ suspension system that effectively wring out excess water from the laundry. In the end, it takes lesser time to dry if hung, and lesser energy when put in a separate dryer.

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The Frigidaire GLWS1439 is suitable for users who don’t have enough space to move around in as their top-loading features don’t take up a lot of floor space. What consumers also like about this washing machine is that it is also economical, as it costs just under $500, which is perfect for users who have tight budgets.

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Since this washer is a top-loader, it can only be installed in a free-standing position and cannot be hidden in closets without ample headroom. The Frigidaire GLWS1439 is also not a silent type and can generate a considerable amount of noise during operation, something which users often complain about.

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Final Thought

For those who are just starting to fill up their homes with household appliances and have a limited budget, this washer is definitely a good alternative. The Frigidaire GLWS1439 has just enough features for washing a typical load of laundry that doesn’t require much care. It also does a good job with loads that may need special care such as fabrics made from silk or lace. Those who are looking for a dependable washer can overlook some of its shortcomings.

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