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Frigidaire GLTF2940FS 3.5 cu. ft. I.E.C. Front-Load King Size Capacity


The GLTF2940FS is a 3.5 cu. feet capacity washer from Frigidaire that comes with such features as the stainless steel tub and the tumble wash feature. Learn more about this front load model. Read on for its key features and consumer pros and cons.

Key features

  • The stainless steel wash drum resists rust and chipping of the paint, which can discolor and damage the load.
  • The on/off end cycle signal informs you that the cycle is done.
  • The adjustable 12 hour delay start allows you to set the time you want the machine to start running so you can start
  • Cycle status lights let you know if the load is almost done. An audible signal lets you know that you can start unloading.
  • The control lock allows you to lock controls so that no one else, especially kids can change the setting.
  • The Tumble Action Cleaning System cleans the load with the tumble and plunge mechanism to effectively remove stains.
  • The Advanced Rinse Technology allows you to have clean loads without odors and traces of detergent by giving the load one more rinse with a fresh batch of water. Another similar feature is the extra rinse, which gives you one final rinse to remove traces of detergent.
  • The estimated time remaining indicator tells you how much more time is needed before the cycle ends.
  • The door lock light tells you that the door is securely locked. This is an additional safety measure to keep kids from accidentally opening the door.
  • The optional pedestal allows you to adjust the height of your
    washing machine according to what is most comfortable.
  • Electronic controls are easy to read and set.
  • The 14 wash cycles allow you to choose the best kind of cycle for the load.


  • The machine has lots of options, ensures low energy costs, and is easy to use.
  • It uses less detergent and less water, which means more savings.
  • It is also easy on the eyes with the stylish design.
  • The machine is quiet, hums quietly in the background even if you place the unit on a wooden platform or in the second floor.
  • The machine is inexpensive but it gets clothes clean.
  • The stackable feature allows you to save on laundry room space.


  • One of the main disadvantage is that this machine has longer cycle times than a top loader.
  • It tends to become unbalanced if the load is very heavy.
  • The capacity, although labeled as king sized, may not be enough for larger families.
  • The trays are flimsy and the cycle alert is often very quiet that you do not notice it.
  • The seam in the tub tends to collect water and lint, and if not cleaned properly, will build up and lead to the formation of odors.
  • Some users find the controls confusing. The controls are a bit complicated so you may have to read the manual.

    Consumer Opinions


  • uses less detergent, less water, less power
  • quietly operates
  • produces clean loads


  • cycle times are very long
  • capacity is not suitable for large families
  • trays are flimsy, easily break

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  • Comments for Frigidaire GLTF2940FS 3.5 cu. ft. I.E.C. Front-Load King Size Capacity

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    Jun 03, 2011
    leaky door seal
    by: Anonymous

    front seal has leaked from day one and now has rusted everything below including the door. Now I am getting a fault code not in the list. "Customer Service" won't tell me what it means and has one answer for everything: "call your dealer" This was an expensive machine and never worked well. No more Frigidaire for me.

    Apr 28, 2011
    Frigidaire is TERRIBLE
    by: C Muno

    We only have this model because it is the newest version of the machine we bought 8 years ago. This is our THIRD replacement. Third? Yes - THIRD! We are now using the fourth machine, which is less than a year old and it keeps shutting off in the initial wash cycle whenever you run it on 'normal' wash. This is a new issue. With the past three machines, there was a quality control issue and the same part (a main bearing?) that rotates the drum kept wearing away. When that happens, the machine gets progressively louder until you feel like there is a jet engine running in your house. It also leaves massive gray streaks on the clothing, ruining them. Even though Electrolux (the maker of Frigidaire) has replaced the machine multiple times, getting them to the point where they agree to make the replacement is a nightmare. As much as three months worth of time with no washing machine and nothing but runaround from repair people until you lose it and end up threatening them with legal action. It gets to this point because their customer service is a joke. If you buy anything from this company, you are asking for misery. You've been warned.

    Mar 10, 2011
    by: Anonymous

    Purchased Frigidaire Affinity washer two years ago. Piece of junk.

    Dec 26, 2010
    Rusted gasket spring & stinky door gasket
    by: Anonymous

    The steel wire & tensioning spring that helps to hold the rubber door gasket in place is not stainless steel: the spring rusted in two. New part expensive.

    Also: the "stinky door gasket" syndrome sometimes has our freshly washed clothes smelling quite moldy and sour.

    I would NOT RECOMMEND this washer.

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