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Frigidaire GLGT1031CS1

by Matthew
(Evanston, IL)

The washing machine that I currently own is the Frigidaire Electrolux which is a stackable Washer / Dryer combination. This washing machine was brand new and was included in the purchase of our condo about a year and a half ago.

With the name Frigidaire I had high expectation and I can honestly say that it has failed in ever respect. First of all the top cover of this washer gets stuck and I have to get out my screw driver to push in the locking mechanism that engages when you are running a load.

Second the washing machine seems very flimsy and really bounces around a lot. Lastly and probably the most annoying is a situation I ran into a few weekends ago. While running loads during the football game my washing machine actually stopped working and it seemed as though the motor was burned out. I ended up taking off the front of the washing machine and then taking out the motor and had to spin the motor manually to get it “un-stuck”.

After that I needed to put everything back together and thankfully it started to work again. This is quite disappointing for something that has the Frigidaire name and is only 18 months old.

The pluses for this washing machine are minimal but they are worth mentioning… One would be the compact size of this washing machine. Being in a condo space is a premium and this stackable washing machine fits very nicely (and snugly) in a small closet. Additionally the washing machine does clean your cloths and for its small size it holds a amazing large load (I can fit a full queen down comforter in this machine and still have some room). Lastly the washing machine is relatively cheap and given the current economic climate that is probably a big bonus.

So, in summary if you need an inexpensive, compact washing machine that has a large capacity but are willing to bust out your tools and take the washing machine apart from time to time then this washing machine is a good buy. If you want something that will last years and won’t require maintenance then I would probably look elsewhere.

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