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Frigidaire Gallery Series Model #GLEH1642DS1

by Jessica
(Bloomington, IN, USA)

My stackable washer and dryer unit is great in many ways. The best feature of the unit is the fact that it fits in a small closet in my apartment. What's amazing about it though, is that it dries a medium-sized load of clothes with only one cycle, and that's at the "Knits: Medium-Low" setting! It's great.

Since I bought it used, I'm not sure if it was just that the person before me didn't clean the lint filters properly (he owned it for approx. 2 years before I bought it 3 months ago) or whether they just tend to get backed up--it just takes a little extra digging to get the lint out.

One slight problem for me though is that since it is up so high, I don't always get all the clothes out of it (I am only 5'2"!). What's nice though is that the inside of the drum is reflective, so I can see if there's something on the bottom that I couldn't reach/see. I wish I could turn the drum though to see if any socks got stuck to the top part of it; for some reason, it doesn't turn when you try to do it by hand.

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