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Frigidaire Gallery GLWS1349AS1

by Lynne
(Blue Ridge, Ga)

I really love this washing machine. There are several reasons why including price, quality, and service. First, the price was wonderful.

This was not an expensive washer, but is very good for the price. For a washer on the lower end of the pricing, this washer has many features that you would not expect for the price. My favorite is the hand-wash cycle.

I use this for so many things and it also keeps me from having to use the dryer cleaners very often. Another feature I like is the extra rinse. This is very handy for those loads that need a little extra cleaning.

This washer also has four different load sizes. I like this because you can either do a small, medium, large, or super size load. The super size load setting is great for washing towels or jeans. This washer is very quiet and does not move around a lot when spinning.

I do not care to run it while myself and my family are asleep which I wouldn't do with our previous one. The one feature I wish it had, as do some of the new ones, is a timer.

Not having this sometimes is unhandy because I have to keep going back to check to see if the wash is done.

Overall, this is a great machine for the price and I definitely would recommend it.

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