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Frigidaire Electrulux Gallery Series GLET1031CS0

by LB

This little powerhouse is great.

It's the stackable model with Dryer on top.
"Little" is misleading. In my research I found that the capacity is what was once known as a regular size.

It seems that over the years consumers have needed to "Super-Size" the laundry facilities. I'm glad the saleperson @ Lowe's clued me in. Now when I read how much detergent to add I don't over do it.

This is plenty big enough for 2 of us. I do about 3-5 loads a week. I can easily fit a quilt & shams in it when needed. We live in the mountains and have a "sealed vault" septic system. This is a great water conserver.

If you're trying to "live green" look into a "regular" or small sized Washer. The Dryer is very efficient and easily handles several pairs of jeans.
It has worked consistently for 3 years now and I don't think that it will give up soon.
I will say that I benefitted from having it set up by Lowes delivery.

They gave me some good hints.
Prior to this machine I had an off brand and it just never did the job. After 4 years the repair guy gave that old adage..."you get what you pay for". My first machine was a used Electroluxe, I will say it did a good job while it lasted.
We have limited space so a stackable was the only way we could go.

My mother also had his model and even tho she had plenty of space felt that it was enough machine for her.
I had originally thought I wanted the Dryer on the bottom, (not an option with this mode). I now see that it would have meant too much stooping.

The one drawback for me is the Dryer's lint system. The screen is just inside the door & the door tends to build up with lint. I check it once DURING the run. This also becomes a source of lint on the floor or me.

I will buy this brand & model again, but it won't be too soon.

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