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CTC Clatronic Iron model DB 2988

This is the first iron I have ever used. Being from India, I always used to get my dresses ironed from somebody else. I moved to Germany and now I am doing most of the stuff, myself. I always used to feel, how I can manage this. But this iron had made my life simpler. In India my mother uses an iron box which is a steel one and I know many times she burned her hands. The one now I posses here, is a Steam Iron with special steel sole plate and with all the safety features.

It is also having features like water spray and three-level steam control. These features make even the most stubborn wrinkles level quite quickly. Moreover the water spray is quite even. The iron also has a temperature control system, that suits different sorts of clothes and the feature stops you from burning your cloths.

The back light which glows, while the iron gets heated is of great help, and I think it also saves electricity. It also makes me to unplug the iron, when the task is finished. I am very good at forgetting and leaving the things like that, and the light always reminds me to unplug.

Another interesting feature is the transparent water container, which always gives me an idea when to fill the iron box with water. Moreover the hold of the iron is designed in such a way that, the grip is perfect and I can make it to vertical position quite easily. This feature saves many troubles as the thing wont fall after keeping it vertical.

In short the iron has made my life simple and I always enjoy ironing with this. This is one of the first items I purchased for myself in Germany, and I still pat my back for that.

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