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Conair Compact Fabric Steamer- GS7R

I have owned the Conair fabric steamer-GS7R for about a year now, and since I bought it I have completely given up on my usual flat iron. It’s easy to use and my clothes remain looking new for longer. Since the purchase of my steamer my dry cleaning bills have greatly reduced. The steamer is very light weight and it’s easy to move around the house, even up the stairs, the wheels are very flexible too.

The part to fill the water is very durable and easy to handle and fill up, if I fill up the water till the max mark, it lasts about a week. The pole to hang the clothes while steaming is also very sturdy, I have hanged up to 3 items of clothing on it at times, this is very handy as after steaming I just eave my clothes on the pole till I need to put them on.

The pole also collapses making it easy to store when need be. Steaming curtains and sheets have never been easier! The steamer also comes with a lint and bristle brush, I don’t use this much but they do come in handy from time to time. The hose is also very flexible and very handy and it can be moved in every direction. The power switch is also easy to switch on as it’s located in a place where it can easily be switched on with the foot.

Now by black and navy clothes especially my trousers no longer have those flat iron creases or that shinny thing you get with using a flat iron on dark colors. It’s so convenient and easy to use that even my husband doesn’t mind steaming the clothes himself now.

I have also on occasion used it on my car seats after getting them washed and works like a charm! All in all a great purchase and well worth the $$$

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Nov 20, 2009
Best for producing large amount of steam
by: Anonymous

About six months ago I purchased this steamer to replace a steamer that was very ineffective for regular use. Our house uses this steamer approx 2 times a week for garments and bi-annually on the window coverings. The Conair GS7R upright Steamer has proven to be quite a great addition to our household.

There are 2 attributes about the Conair that make it a superior steamer to previous steamers we have used. The Conair produces a large amount of steam making it a very effective steamer over a large surface area resulting in a sharp looking garment quickly. The large reserve water tank is located in the base and wheel mounted making it easy to use both on clothes and window coverings without removing them from the windows.

Unfortunately the GS7R’s garment pole is made of light grade (aluminum and plastic) materials and unable to support the weight of a heavy suit of clothes on a hanger without the garment pole bending or turning making it difficult to use as a stand alone garment stand as it was designed. Additionally the overall design of the unit is bulky as a result of the large water tank and the garment pole that does not retract making the unit difficult to store due to its overall size and resulting height (approx. 5 and a half feet).

On a scale of 1 to 5 I would give it a 4 since it is a great steamer overall even though it has the minor inconveniences of difficult storage and weak garment stand pole. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality clothes steamer.

- produces a large amount of steam
- large reserve water tank

- garment pole is made of light grade (aluminum and plastic) materials
- design of the unit is bulky

4 out of 5

Mar 05, 2009
Extremely easy to store
by: Katye

My husband and I had our wedding in a rather remote part of New Hampshire, an hour away from the boutique where I purchased my dress. This meant that my dress would have to survive an hour drive in our compact car, and remain in perfect, wrinkle free shape until the morning of my wedding. About 2 months before my wedding, I purchased the Conair GS7R Compact Upright 1200-Watt Fabric Steamer from Amazon.com to bring with us so I could steam my dress the night before our nuptials.

Four years later, my Conair Clothes Steamer is still working beautifully! I hate ironing, and normally avoid buying any clothes that require ironing, but now on the rare occasion that I need to, I just pull out the steamer and have it done in two minutes! It is extremely easy to store, collapsing in to a very small size easily and quickly. It hardly takes up any room in my laundry room, and is not a pain to set up and break down.

I was a little weary that I would have to refill it often, considering how small it is, but the steam lasts for almost an hour (and the only time I needed to use it for that long was for that wedding dress). It is also a great steamer for the price. I had been looking at steamers that were over $100, because I did not want to take the chance of purchasing a useless steamer and walking down the aisle in a wrinkled gown. So I went to a department store that carried the steamer first to check it out.

I was lucky that they had one on display at that time, so I could see it in action. I ended up ordering it through Amazon instead, however, because the price was much lower. This is a great steamer- whether it is for small jobs, or big jobs, definitely recommended!

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