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Cheer Free and Gentle

by Natalie
(Indianapolis, IN)

By far, the best laundry detergent I have ever used is Cheer Free and Gentle! For the past seven years or so I have battled with extremely sensitive skin.

New soaps, laundry detergents, lotions, etc. would almost always cause skin irritation and rashes.

I began using the Cheer Free and Gentle about five years ago and have never looked back. The Cheer Free and Gentle is free of dyes and perfumes, so it does not have the irritants that most laundry detergents contain.

I have used many other laundry detergents over the years, and although I won't name names, everything irritated my skin except Cheer Free and Gentle. My sensitive skin is bad enough that if I sleep on sheets washed in any other detergent, I will typically wake up with a rash. My friends and family have began using the Cheer Free and Gentle as well now. Not just for me, but they love the detergent as well!

It smells great, doesn't leave residue on your clothes or in the washer and most importantly cleans your clothes very well!

I would certainly recommend Cheer Free and Gentle to anyone with sensitive skin and for that matter, to anyone at all!

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Dec 04, 2010
Not so great!!
by: Anonymous

I have used the regular Cheer for many years and never had a problem with it. Last month my store was out of the regular Cheer that I use so bought the free and gentle...washed my sheets and woke up the next morning with a horrible rash all over my arms, hands, legs and even on the bottoms of my feet. Two days later I woke with sores in my mouth. Finally decided to see my doctor about it. She agreed that it was something in the detergent and put me on massive dose of steroids, medicated mouth wash (as I even had trouble swallowing water). She said if it wasn't better in about 3 days or if it continued to get worse to go to the emergency room at our hospital. It didn't get worse but a month later I still have faint red spots on my legs...I had to spend alot of money because of this and believe me when I say that I'm never using Cheer again!!! Think someone needs to look into this as I doubt I'm the only one that will have a problem with this and I don't have allergies...

Apr 16, 2009
Free and Gentle
by: Anonymous

Don't buy this product without checking it first....

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