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Bosch WTMC6500UC/01 Washer Dryer

This is by far the worst washer and dryer we have ever bought.We have had ours for years and have had the doors replaced and other cracking parts. It totally cracks were the screws are. Plus we have not been happy with the way it washes our clothes. At first it was great but after about 6 months our clothes were not coming clean. I thought that Bosch would be a great washer and dryer but have been a real disappointment and I would hope NO ONE would buy on and go through what we have. Plus when someone comes out to fix it you have nothing but a headache. It takes forever for them to come and then it takes 6 weeks to get parts!! imagine all the trips to the laundry mat!!! They are cheaply made and are terrible quality all the way around. Please tell all your friends and family to please not to ever by a BOSCH wasther and dryer or they will be sorry!

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