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Looking at the UK Bosch washers:
Logixx, Exxcel, Classixx

Are you looking for a new washing machine? If so, you probably realize that there are many different brands to choose from. In fact, there are so many different choices out there that it can be downright difficult to make a choice when it comes to washing machines.

However, one good name to consider when purchasing a washing machine is Bosch. Many people who already own and use Bosch washing machines on a regular basis report that the love them, and they rank highly on easy of use, style, durability, and easy of cleaning as well.

Bosch divide their range into the classixx excel and logixx. So, let’s take a closer look at several specific lines of Bosch UK washing machines and what they have to offer.

Bosch Washing Machine UK: Classixx

When it comes to the Bosch Classixx washing machines, you’ll find that all of them are easy to use and very stylish as well.

They have a nice design that has a control dial that allows you to select the temperature and program you want, and then the special requirements for the load can be selected by using the buttons.

There are several different sizes to consider when it comes to the Classixx line of machines by Bosche

  • Classixx 1400 White Washing Machine – This is a washing machine that comes in the color white and it has a capacity of 13 lbs. The spin speed is 1400-600, and like all the Classixx line, it is a front loading machine.

  • Classixx 1200 Silver Washing Machine – Very similar to the 1400 white machine, this machine is silver and also has a 13 lbs capacity as well. However, the spin speed is a bit different, at 1200-600. It has special features, such as freshen up, wool, and an aqua plus rinsing option as well. It is quiet to run and has cold fill as well.

  • Classixx 1200 Slimline Washing Machine – This is a bit smaller version of the other Classixx 1200’s. It only has a 10 lbs capacity, but still comes with all the great options that the other Classixx machines come with. The maximum spin speed is a bit different as well, at only 1200 rpm.

Bosch Washing Machine UK: Exxcel

If you take a close look at the range of machines in the Bosch Exxcel line, you’ll find that their program controls are easy to use and they have a very large LED display that is easy to use. This range of machines offers larger capacities than some of the other Bosch washing machines, which is great if you have larger loads to do, and the performance is still excellent.

  • Exxcel 1600 Washing Machine – This machine has a 13 lbs capacity in it and has spin speeds between 400 and 1600 rpm. It does a special dark wash that is excellent for darker clothes, has a sports wash cycle, and even a sensitive program that is great for people who suffer from allergies.

  • Exxcel 1400 Washing Machine – This machine also has a load capacity of 15.4 lbs, but it has a higher max spin speed, which goes all the way up to 1400 rpm. With time delay, an express wash system, and an easy to read LED display, this is an excellent and easy to use machine.

  • Exxcel 1200 Washing Machine – This machine actually has a 15.4 lbs capacity, which is great for people who need to do larger loads. It has a max spin speed of 1200 rpm, and a variety of features, including handwash, silk, and the special aqua plus rinsing option.

Bosch Washing Machine UK: Logixx

If you are looking for the largest machines that Bosch has to offer, the Logixx machines fit the bill. They allow you to wash larger loads in fewer loads, and since the drums are so large, they are great for washing blankets, rugs, comforters, and duvets as well. Let’s take a look at a few in this line of washers.

  • Logixx 10 Washing Machine – This machine has a 10kg or 22 lbs capacity, which is amazing, and definitely helpful for those who have really huge loads to wash at one time. The maximum spin speed of the washer goes up to 1200, and there are several different intensity levels you can choose from for your wash. You’ll get great performance from this washing machine and the ability to wash all those large items in your home.

  • Logixx 8 Washing Machine – The Logixx 8 has a 17.5 lbs or 8kg capacity in it and has a special SoftSurge drum that provides great cleaning results. It also has special paddles that help to provide plenty of power to the machine, even for the heavy duty jobs you need to do. It has a Water Flow system that helps to distribute the detergent and the water through all the wash, making sure everything gets clean.

As you can see, there are a variety of excellent washing machines offered by Bosch.

All of Bosch Washing Machine UK lines are excellent, and this guide can help you tell the difference between the Logixx, Exxcel, and Classixx lines of machines so you can find the one that will be best suited for you.

So, if you are ready to start looking for a machine, consider these machines and what they have to offer, and you may find that a Bosche is the perfect solution to your washing machine needs.

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