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BOSCH DRYERS WTVC853PUC Vision 800 Series Silver Frontloader Dryer 6.7 cubic feet

Extended WrinkleBlock EcoSmart Sensors

Extended WrinkleBlock EcoSmart Sensors

It would be safe to say that buying a Bosch dryer is wise as the brand has been hailed as 2009’s Energy Partner. The WTVC538PUC makes use of EcoSmart Technology and EcoAction, making the dryer extra efficient and not wasteful. It is, however, still powerful and feature-packed to attract those who are conscious of high-tech features.

Interior Features
  • The WTVC538PUC uses EcoSmart and EcoAction technologies. The EcoSmart feature makes the dryer model work efficiently. EcoAction helps it reduce its energy consumption by 10%. It is then no wonder that BOSCH has been named 2009’s Energy Star Partner.
  • As for the actual act of drying clothes, the dryer comes with DynamicAir and ActiveDry features. DynanamicAir is all about using high air volume and moderate heat in the process of drying. ActiveDry ensures perfect drying results. The WTVC538PUC even comes with a No Heat/Air Fluff drying cycle.
  • With several drying cycles available, the WTVC538PUC is able to squeeze out extra moisture without destroying delicate fabrics. It comes with a wool cycle, which is especially designed for the fabric. The Steam Wrinkle Relax takes away wrinkles in just 12 minutes. On the other hand, the Steam Refresh relax performs its task of removing both wrinkles and odors in 16 minutes. There are other specially-designed cycles included.
  • SynchroTechnology is a feature that synchronizes the washer spin and dryer cycle.
  • At 64 dB, the WTVC538PUC is considered one of the quietest dryers ever produced in the United States.

    Exterior Features

  • The tub and the door ring are made of stainless
    steel. The buttons and the dial, however, are made of chrome.
  • The dryer makes use of an interior light, which helps the user see any leftover clothes inside. The light should also make cleaning more convenient. The WTVC538PUC makes use of an LED status indicator.
  • The door is reversible and can be easily opened using the right hand.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 31 7/8 inches
    Width: 27 inches
    Height: 36 7/8 inches
    Volume: 6.7 cubic feet
    Net Weight: 126 pounds
    Gross Weight: 138 pounds


    The WTVC538PUC is very energy efficient, making use of features that make it work effectively without using a lot of energy. This could mean savings in electricity bills. The dryer may be powerful but it can also be gentle enough to dry delicate fabrics without destroying them. It can also relax the wrinkles and remove odor from clothes. The stainless steel and chrome finish for its parts can make the dryer stronger and more durable. This model is built to last.


    With 5 cycle options and several high technology features, the dryer should already be considered packed. However, it still lacks some other cycles for yet other types of fabrics. This is not such a problem with most users, though.


  • energy efficient
  • can dry with no heat or with little heat
  • operates quietly
  • made of sturdy material
  • can take off wrinkles and odor
  • can dry delicate fabrics with care
  • comes with two year limited warranty
  • energy efficient
  • very user-friendly


  • may need more cycle options

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    Loading Type Front Load
    Fuel Type Gas
    Color Blue
    Drum Material Stainless Steel
    Capacity 6.7 Cu. Ft.
    Timed Dry Yes
    Drying System

    EcoSmart™ technology, DynamicAir™, ActiveDry™, SynchroTechnology®, Eco-Sensor, Adjustable drying temperature


    Air Fluff / No Heat drying cycle, Wool cycle, Steam Wrinkle Relax cycle, Steam Refresh, Steam Touch Up, Delicates, Active Wear cycle, Dark Color cycle


    Air Fluff / No Heat drying cycle, Wool cycle, Steam Wrinkle Relax cycle, Steam Refresh, Steam Touch Up, Delicates, Active Wear cycle, Dark Color cycle

    Special Features

    EcoAction™ Option, 3-way venting for easy installation, Extended WrinkleBlock®, Heat sensors and intelligent controls prevent overheating, Start delay time 12h, Stackable, Interior Light

    Energy Star Qualified Yes
    Sound Package (Quietness)

    Extremely Quiet Performance: 64 dB

    Width 27 Inches
    Height 36 7/8 Inches
    Depth 31 7/8 Inches


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