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BLACK&DECKER The Classic Iron

This particular iron caught my eye while shopping. I was in need of a new one and The Classic looks so much like the old style irons. It has the black handle with the silver body. Very basic and very much like what was available in the 1950's.

I just love the look. Okay, looks are great but I didn't want a light weight. The irons I had previously were easy to pick up and carry but I prefer a little weight on the clothes while ironing. Pressing is easier when one doesn't have to bear their weight so much.

This particular model is somewhat heavy. Not as heavy as what our mothers and grandmothers used but a good weight; not too much as to tire yourself with but not too light as you would have to press harder either. It has the usual choices of settings: 1- Acetate/Acrylic, 2- Silk/Nylon, 3- Rayon/Polyester, 4- Cotton blends, 5- Wool, 6- Cotton, 7- Linen.

And of course, the steam setting is for 4-7. What takes away a bit from the classic look is forgivable; the steam button and setting are color coded in orange. The idea is to make the chart on the iron easier to know if what setting you are using can be used with steam. Its like ironing for dummies. Overall, I like this iron. I hope it will last a very long time.

I am guessing that it will because it is built by Black&Decker. They are a company that I have bought tools from and was always
satisfied. It is a real surprise to find that they make household "tools" too. Yea! There are only a couple of things that I have issue with: First, and this one is with every iron that I have had, spillage from the water hole.

You know, the place where one goes to fill the iron with water. Why doesn't someone or the company come up with a way to have a plug that can be released at will? I mean I can't be the only person that has ever tipped over their iron for whatever reason and have a puddle of water to deal with.

Second pet peeve is that it is hard to read what the steam switch says is off or on for the steam setting. It isn't hard to figure out but the instructions do get lost in the orange. Okay, review time. I like my iron for several reasons: the look, the weight and one other reason I didn't mention, it is quick to heat up.

My two pet peeves:the hard to read steam button (but after you get use to your iron, who is reading it anyway?) and the same complaint with all irons I have used thus far, the water hole. On a scale of one to five, I rate mine four and one-half. For what I want and need, its just so close to perfect.

- The look.
- The weight
- Quick to heat up

- The hard to read steam button
- The water hole

4.5 out of 5

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Oct 12, 2015
Time spearing NEW
by: http://www.essays4me.com/

I guess the thing that it heats quickly is at top of priorities for the users. It usually takes time in other irons to get them heated. That may be disturbing sometimes.

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