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Black & Decker X600 Iron

We have been using Black & Decker clothing iron for nearly 4 years now without any problem so far. It is white in color, is right in its weight, neither too heavy, nor too light; has various heat controls for different clothes including steam functionality. Good design, performance, good aesthetics appeal and durability add to its value.

Power cable provided is not so good and there is risk of breakage. It consumes less power compared to other similar products available in the market. We have used this clothing iron for ironing even coats, saris and towels etc. and found its performance satisfying.

Sometimes we find that this clothing iron sticks to the cloth that we are ironing even if there is a marginal setting problem in the heat control knob. We in India get hard water in the taps and clothes that require steaming functionality can not enjoy the best performance since black & decker model x600 clothing iron requires soft water for steaming. Due to this we have to rely on external vendors for ironing certain types of clothes which adds to our monthly household budget unnecessarily.

Overall black & decker model number X600 has been a value for money since it has all the required functionality, heat control mechanism that switches it off whenever heat crosses the threshold limit specified, uses input of 230V as available in Asian countries, consumes less power and has right weight required to take care of the ironing process.

- Good looks Good performance
- Good performance

- Sticks at times
- Requires soft water for steam

4 out of 5

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