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Amana model NFW 7200TW

by Charles
(Roanoke, Virginia)

Changing to a High Efficiency washer.

I had no intention of getting a high efficiency washer when my old washer, which I had had for about eleven years, suddenly developed a broken timer assembly. A new timer assembly cost close to 150$, so we decided to shop around. The first thing we liked about the high efficiency washers was that they don’t contain an agitator.

Our old washer was constantly getting sweat pant drawstrings and bra straps and other clothes wrapped around the “fins” of the agitator. Most of the high-efficiency washers cost at least twice as much as the older style top loaders.

Then at Home Depot we saw the Amana high-efficiency which we eventually bought. At a little over $500, it was comparable to the top-loaders. Plus, here in Virginia, we occasionally have tax-free periods when you can purchase “energy-star” rated appliances without paying sales tax. When Home Depot threw in free delivery, setup, and haul away of the old appliance, we felt we could trade up.

We’ve now had the washer for about four months, and we’ve been very happy with it. For one thing, we have noticed a nice drop in our power bills and our water bill. There may have been other factors, but we seem to be saving at least $40 a month because the washer is more efficient. We also have been able to wash some comforters (including a queen-size quilted comforter) at home when previously we would have had to go to a commercial Laundromat. Not having an agitator in the middle makes a difference.

This model has numerous led-style soft controls in a dial which allows us to select different cycles from delicate to super, from hot-cold water to cold-cold water, from high-spin to normal spin. A cycle can go from 20 minutes to 70 minutes. Most of the time, the wash is spun nearly dry, so our dryer doesn’t have to run as long. The clothes come out very clean and fresh, and not beat up as much as from our old washer.

I found out after buying the high-efficiency that many people have had problems with mildew and musty smells from these washers. I try to dry ours after each use, and I use the commercial fresheners once a month. Also, this washer has some parts built with anti-bacterial components, so I hope that we never get such a problem. So far so good.

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Jan 08, 2012
Bad Pump Housings
by: Mike Miles

Do not buy this Amana Washer 7200TW.
I bought this machine in 2008. It is a 2007 model.
If you accidently leave a coin in your pants pocket and then wash them the coin goes into the pump and breaks the pump housing.Unfortunately the pump works fine, but you have to buy the whole pump.
I now have 3 pumps that work but have a leak in the housing. To replace the housing you have to buy the whole pump and it has cost me $175 each time.
If you hear a rattle during the wash stop your machine take the back off, undo the pump, shake the coin out before you break your housing.

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