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Amana -AFW480DAW - Commercial Quality

by Dan
(Sutherlin, Oregon)

Our Amana top loader has been around for at least six years now. In fact it has outlasted two hot water heaters. We live on five acres in western Oregon and our well water has both iron and sulphur. Neither is too friendly to water using appliances including pipes and faucets. But our Amana has held its own.

Our two sons were still in high school when we got the machine, and one has graduated from college and the other is in his last year. When they come home, Oregon State University is about 100 miles away, they don't just bring a load or two of laundry. They bring everything they own.

The washer has a dial for water temperature adjustment on both the was and rinse cycle. It also has a dial to choose the size of the load so that we don't waste water. We have a low producing well, so we're always aware of how much we're using.

My wife has us trained pretty well. Usually we do our own laundry. You can imagine how well three grown men follow instructions when it comes to doing laundry. Colors? Does it matter? In spite of the soap dispenser in the center of the agitator, we usually just toss it in with the laundry, make the settings, turn it on and forget it.
It has handled baseball, football, and basketball uniforms ripe from riding in the back seats of whatever they happened to be driving. Tennis shoes and small stuffed animals that our dogs chew on are regular fair, yet everything comes out clean.

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