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All Free Concentrated Liquid

by Nicole
(Newport News, VA, USA)

I currently use All Free for all of my washing needs. Both of my children and my husband have eczema, so I was searching for a detergent for sensitive skin.

I previously used Dreft for my children when they were babies, but it began to get quite expensive.

When I found the All Free, I fell in love! Not only did it get out some of my tougher stains, but it is a great value for the size. Currently, I can purchase the 96 load bottle for only $11 on sale.

Now I will admit that to give it an extra boost, I do use 1 cup of baking soda, but even by itself, it works very well. My husband works outside, so his clothes can get very stained, but the All gets those sweat and dirt stains right out.

It works great for pre-treating grass stains, chocolate, and all of the other creative stains my children come up with. Thank you All for all the things you do!

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Sep 29, 2008
I Agree!
by: Steph

I too am a long time All Free user. All Free does not cause any one in my family to suffer from the reactions they often suffer when I use a different brand of detergent. It is great on stains and not hard on delicate fabrics.

Sep 09, 2008
Completely Agree
by: Anonymous

I love All Free. It's refreshing and really gets stains from the kids and my husband out. I've been using All for years and will never switch.

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