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Xtra with Color Safe Bleach

by Dan
(Stow, Ohio, USA)

I like to use Xtra because of it is one of the most affordable detergents out there. I also like it because it gets the job done. I don't care for paying a large amount out of my wallet for laundry detergent, so Xtra is the perfect choice. Another positive note is that it isn?t carried only in certain stores. It is carried in most major grocery stores across the country.

It has color safe bleach and it has always removed stains from my clothes. I can easily say that no matter what the stain or substance is, it always gets it out. We have a puppy, she sometimes goes potty on things she shouldn?t (clothes) and this stuff does the trick. The best part is that you can get a large bottle significantly cheaper than other competitors and its lasts for a long time.

I'm not too picky on what scent I should buy. I honestly don?t know why there are so many different scents to choose from. They all smell pretty good to me. Xtra has a variety of choices, but not an over the top list like other brands. They provide a cheaper product for budget consumers. I'm more concerned about how well it works at getting stains out. So far, Xtra has worked great and I see no reason to pay more for anything else.

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