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Whirlpool Supreme Heavy Duty, Super Capacity Dryer

by Pennie

My dryer is a Whirlpool Supreme and will soon be celebrating its 10th birthday, with never a service call. It is considered a heavy duty, super capacity model, and it does hold a lot and usually gets everything dry on the first try. If not, it's probably because I didn't set it to dry long enough.

This dryer has the lint filter on the top, which took some getting used to, as my previous dryer's lint trap was in the door where it was very obvious when it needed emptied.

With seven cycles and four temperatures, I use it for most everything I dry and it works great. It does have a "dry miser" but it seems that it goes the same amount of time no matter how much is in there or how heavy it is. My loads are usually very similar in size, however, so that's the temperature setting I use most often. The inside of the dryer is white too which I find to be helpful in finding all the clothes. I had one with a black drum at one time and it was often difficult to locate dark-colored items in there.

My favorite feature on this dryer, and one I would be lost without now that I've gotten used to it, is the light that comes on inside the dryer drum when you open the door. Just like your refrigerator so you can see what's inside and not miss some little sock hiding in the corner.

If I were giving this dryer stars I would give it five out of five and I would definitely purchase this brand again (but hopefully I won't need to for years!).

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May 01, 2018
God, U love my dryer! NEW
by: Silverarena

My stupid fancy washer and dryer both broke down a while back. My ex was moving and gave me his "old" washer and dryer. The washer is a commercial, heavy duty, super capacity, 2 speed motor Frigidaire Gallery and the dryer is a commercial, heavy duty, super capacity Whirlpool. They were 5 years old when I took them. I've had them 4 years now and they are still running great. I'm only replacing them because the metal on the washer is finally falling apart from rust. My daughter wants me to get a prettier one. I'm getting the same exact brand, ha! My son in law ruined the dryer with a pen he left in there so he's replacing the dryer. And yes, I am getting the same brand.

I've never had to service them. I'm donating the ones I have now to a family that needs them. Yay Whirlpool!

Apr 07, 2010
I need instruction manual
by: Anonymous

I need an instruction manual

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