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Whirlpool Super Clothes Dryer

by Rahul Gupta
(Santa Monica, CA, USA)

Finally, I bought a new mate for my old lod washing machine. My machine now almost 20 years old is capable of only washing clothes and that too while taking in a lot of power and time.

So, I bought a new Whirlpool Super Clothes Dryer.The dryer is very heavy, bulky and is a dirty green in colour. It works well, though….
It has an automatic timing device which automatically turns the machine off when the clothes are dry.

This saves a lot of electricity and drying time You can set the machine accordingly, out of its 5 settings.Therefore the clothes come out perfectly dry.There is not even a hint of dampness.There is also a fluff setting to make items like pillows and towels soft.The filter needs to be cleaned after each load though.
I have never ever encountered any problem with the dryer in the past one year that I have had it.

You need to move the dryer and devacumize it at least twice a year.This is quite a long process but it is worth it.I have had a wonderful experience till now with the dryer.
I recommend this dryer to everyone and would surely buy another one of the same if given a choice.

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