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Whirlpool Imperial Series

by Natalie
(Indianapolis, IN)

Currently I own the Whirlpool Imperial Series clothes dryer. This is such a great dryer and it is honestly the best I have ever had!

It is great because it has timed drying and also an Accudry feature, which I love. I only ever use the Accudry feature now because it seems to dry clothes in a shorter time than the timed drying. Plus, within the Accudry it has an Energy Preferred setting.

I use this when I have left the clothes in the dryer for a bit and I need to re-fluff them. This dryer dries a full load of towels in just one cycle! Always before I've had to dry towels in two cycles, but this Whirlpool is great! I tend to dry all of my clothes on the low setting to avoid shrinking them.

The great thing about the Whirlpool, is that even on the low setting, I can still get the clothes dried within one cycle of drying, not two cycles like it used to take!

The dryer is also a large capacity dryer so it can handle large loads such as towels or even large blankets and comforters. I would recommend this dryer to absolutely anyone!

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Jan 13, 2018
This has been a great washing machine for my family NEW
by: Dale

I moved with my family to my house in 2006 and the washing machine and dryer were already here in the basement. They have worked great with NO problems for all our laundry but we really have no idea how old they are. They were definitely purchased as a set by the previous owner because they are both Whirlpool Imperial series. The model number on the washer is LA9480XWN2. Hopefully they continue to work well because we don't have external steps to get them out of the house and our inside steps are extremely narrow. I think these appliances might have been dropped in the basement when they built the house in 1940 because I don't know how else they could have fit down there.

Dec 31, 2017
Still running NEW
by: Kabuff

Got my Imperial Whirlpool washer in March, 2004. Now, at Dec. 2017, still runs and goes. I had replace a drive coupler, and had to pull the pump, because a nickle got in the pump, how it got past the basket, I will never know. Been a great washer, but due to an extremely damp and wet basement, the rust is getting bad. I don't want to beep relace it, so am thinking I will flip it over and start to start repairs.

May 13, 2015
Regal Imperial washer and dryer NEW
by: P Johnson

Can't say enough about the great service this model has given! Bought in 1987 and still doing a great job! I replaced a warped dryer tub support roller over 15 yrs ago foe a few bucks myself, and that's been it! Last week I found water leaking under the tub... The repairman said my tub (outer one) is rusted thru. Before I buy a new piece of junk, I think I'll take the tub apart and make sure the leak is not just around a tub seal, since there are replacement kits. But I read it the tub is rusted thru around the bolt, I'll have to buy a new machine :(

Oct 14, 2014
Repair good/old appliances NEW
by: Josh

If you have an appliance that has run without problems for 20 years you should keep it. You should learn how to do the repairs yourself and buy the parts and replace every part that wears with time from friction while you have it taken apart. You could probably completely refurbish your own machine for well under $300 and then get another 20 years out of it!

In my opinion, the "NEW" appliances are NOT built to last and will cost you more in the long run.

Dec 04, 2013
Not sure what to do
by: Anonymous

We have had our Imperial Dryer for 19 years and it has been wonderful. We never had a problem. Now, after 19 years, three children and tons of laundry, the timer is not working properly. My question is should we invest about $ 300.00 parts and labor to replace the timer or is the dryer heading to the end of its lifecycle and should we buy a new one? The fact that we are even considering repairing a 19 year old dryer speaks volumes for Whirlpool!!!

Nov 29, 2010
Whirlpool Imperial Great washer & dryer
by: Ed

We purchased the Whirlpool Imperial washer & dryer in 1986 they are still running strong other than minor parts replaced this pair are remarkably reliable and efficient. thank you whirlpool

Jan 07, 2009
Great for heavy duty and delicate clothes
by: Joanie

I am married 26 years and have three grown kids, and the Whirlpool Imperial 8 Cycle 5 Temperature is the best dryer we've had. We bought it in 1998, so it is now 10 years old and no maintenance has been needed.

We've done huge amounts of laundry since the kids as teens were in high school sports and my husband and I also exercise regularly. You can fit a lot into the dryer since it is heavy duty. I love how you can choose the "energy preferred" setting that goes on its own and eventually ends up fluffing your clothes at the end of the cycle, with the "end of cycle" signal buzzing loudly to help you know when your load is done.

It is a relatively quiet dryer, too. There are choices of 8 cycles and 5 temperatures. You can use temperatures of High Heavy, Medium Permanent Press, Low Knits, or Extra-Low Delicates. If I have delicate items that need to be dried quickly rather than me hanging them up somewhere, I can trust them in the lower temperature cycles.

There's a cool feature with the "end of cycle" signal. If you don't want it to buzz (though it will still pause the cycle and start up again), you can turn it off. That's nice when it's nighttime and someone's sleeping in the next room.

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