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Whirlpool Duet WGD9450WL 27" Gas Dryer 10 Cycles (Lunar Silver) 7.2 Cu. Ft

If you're looking for an efficient gas dryer with many options for a wide range of items, the Whirlpool Duet WGD9450WL 27" Gas Dryer may be what you're looking for. The 7.2 cubic feet capacity allows you to dry more clothes per load. Ten automatic cycles and seven temperature settings give you numerous options for any item you need to dry.

Interior Features
  • The AcclerCare Drying system ensures efficient drying while still caring for your garments. By determining the right temperature, the speed of drying, and the moment when clothes are dry, this dryer is able to automatically stop cycles at the right time. This prevents overdrying, overheating, damage to fabric, and shrinkage. Time and energy consumption are reduced in the end.
  • The automatic cycles include the Bulky Items cycle for items that are difficult for other dryers to handle, such as sleeping bags, comforters, and pillows. Other cycles are Casual, Normal, Delicate, Quick Dry, and Touch Up. Another great option is the Eco Normal Cycle, which reduces energy consumption by 40% when it is used with a Duet washer.
  • Timed drying makes using this dryer more efficient.
  • You get up to 120 minutes after a cycle is finished to unload your laundry, thanks to the Wrinkle Shield Plus option. You need not worry about odors or wrinkles setting into garments while they stay inside the dryer. An intermittent tumbling system keeps clothes looking fresh until you're ready to unload them.
  • An extra-large, front-mounted lint screen gets any fuzz away from your laundry. A lint screen
    light reminds you when to check your lint filter.
  • An interior drum light helps with loading and unloading.

    Exterior Features

  • The Lunar Silver finish gives this appliance a sleek looking, ultra-modern appearance.
  • Easy to use controls are located on the front of the dryer.
  • The LED display allows you to quickly select options and tells you the estimated time remaining for a cycle.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 31 1/2"
    Height: 38"
    Width: 27"
    Total volume: 7.2 cubic feet


    This dryer has options available for drying almost any item. When it comes to drying performance, this dryer is excellent just like other top of the line Whirlpool dryers. The large capacity saves consumers time and effort. This dryer operates with minimal noise. This gas dryer has sensors to prevent overdrying that can ruin the laundry.


    Although retailers still offer this model, it is no longer available on the official Whirlpool website. This may give you difficulty with purchasing and service support later on. Compared to other Whirlpool models with similar features and capacity, this dryer is more expensive. This dryer is not Energy Star-rated nor is it ADA-complaint. CEE rating is not available for this dryer as well.

    Consumer Opinions


  • many options for different types of laundry
  • excellent drying performance
  • large capacity
  • quiet operation
  • has sensors to prevent overdrying of clothes


  • listed as "no longer available" on the Whirlpool website
  • price a bit expensive than others
  • not Energy Star-rated
  • not ADA-compliant
  • CEE rating not available

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