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LG WM3987HW Washer and Dryer Combo 4.2 cu.ft

Bought an LG washer dryer on 10/2/10. Like the concept of all in one unit that does not require venting. Washing and drying about 10 hand towels results in damp towels no matter how long the towels have been dried.

The first repair tech said there is nothing wrong with the unit and it is 90% a washer and 10% a dryer and that it was normal for the towels not to be dry and "It works for some people and for other people it doesn't." The second repair tech spent about 3 hours testing the unit and concluded a water valve may be faulty. He replaced the valve and still the unit would not dry. Now after 2 hours on the phone with LG they claim it needs to be serviced 2 more times before they can replace the unit because the first tech reported that the unit was working "as advertised" so that doesn't count as a service call. Am I wrong to think that the dryer should dry completely?

Caution when you buy this unit because if it doesn't work the support from LG is weak at best and frustrating beyond belief at worst. At this point they can haul it away if they can't fix it. I don't want to risk going through this again.

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