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LG Electronics WM3988HWA

When washing and drying is required for you and you have very limited space then it is better to resort to a washer/dryer combo as they are more convenient to handle and requires very little space as compared to the otherwise space required to fit two machines.

I have bought the LG washer dryer combo laundry machine a year back and is very satisfied with its functioning. The best part of the machine is that you require only space for one machine in place of two machines and does the job of two machines.

In the LG washer/dryer combo, washing and drying is done in the same tub there is no need to take out the washed clothes and put back in another tub for drying. This particular brand in LG has got steam wash system which enables to get bleached effect and spotlessly clean washing. The steam system helps in minimizing wrinkles.

The washing performance is great and requires very little water as it is front loading. The machine is very energy efficient. The hot steam method of washing in this model enables to get rid of various allergens and hence provide sterilized and hygienic wash for your clothes.

The dryer option available in this model dries your clothes completely with minimum wrinkles, ready to be folded and kept in the cupboard. The warranty for this machine comes for a period of one year. There is a warranty of two years for the control board, seven years for the motor and a lifetime warranty for the drum.

Once this machine has come to our house washing has become a very easy task. By just pressing a few buttons you get your clothes cleaned and ready to wear. Even though it cost a little bit higher than an ordinary washing machine, considering the functioning and additional features of the machine it is worth the amount.

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Dec 16, 2010
just perfect
by: Anonymous

i bought the washer/dryer combo a few months back. i had limited space and wanted to add more storage where the original pair were. I read a few reviews and decided to tke the plung into an unknown area of the combo. Wow, was i suprised on how much i love doing the wash now. The machine is actually intelligent and seems to understnd what it is washing. The clothes come out so clean and smelling great, it doesnt use much water and runs very quietly. I will never go back to the old way again. I never thought i would saythat a maching has actually improved my life but the LG combo has. I can not give a better review and i have no relationship to LG other than becoming a fanboy.

Apr 16, 2010
Highly recommend!
by: Anonymous

My LG washer dryer combo is one of the very best appliances I have in my home. Living in a small apartment I don’t have a whole lot of room for a separate washer and dryer like most people traditionally would. It is very compact and fits nicely into my washroom closet area.

It is a very “set and forget” type of a machine, I put my clothes in whatever it happens to be, whether it’s a large load or a muddied pair of clothes from working in the yard and leave, forget about the machine until its done.

The user interface is very easy I can set it to wash the load however big due to different size load settings then tell it how I want it to dry, knits, perm press, or whatever and it does it. The selection screen used is very nice, good for low light settings because it is back lit with some blue led lights.

When I first set up my washer dryer I didn’t have it setting completely level and would notice that while it was running It would shake vigorously making a horrible noise and vibrating things. Make sure when you get it installed that that machine is level and sitting on all the adjustable feet.

Another problem noticed with the machine is that it has a hard time washing very large items like large blankets or comforters, sometimes when I pull them out after it having gone through the was cycle I feel that they could have been cleaned slightly better but its not a huge deal.

Finally as you can imagine with an all in one machine you can't be washing one load while drying another or vise versa, which can be slightly annoying when you have a lot of loads to do quickly.

Sep 15, 2009
Great model for busy lifestyles
by: Anonymous

- convenient
- lots of easy to use features

- the higher price
- longer drying time

4 out of 5 stars

The LG Electronics WM3988HWA Washer/Dryer Combo is the perfect choice for people with limited space to hold their washer & dryer, or for people who have no way to vent a dryer, because washing and drying are done in the same tub. It is convenient and easy to use and has lots of features.

It is also a great model for people with busy lifestyles, I can put a load in the washer before I run an errand, and fold they dry clothing when I get back. It is the first washer/dryer combo to offer a steam cycle that allows you to whiten your whites without using bleach.

It also can be used to reduce wrinkles in your clothing, I personally think it removes wrinkles from my husbands dress shirts better than a steam iron. You can also freshen a load of laundry in as little as twenty minutes, without putting them through a wash cycle.

The steam cycle can also improve the performance of the washer and may help save on energy and water usage. This model also offers the new ?Allergiene? cycle which uses hot steam to remove allergens from clothing. It heats the load of clothing with the steam that it is designed to produce and this removes the allergens, this feature has really helped with my allergy symptoms. The Allergiene cycle is only offered on steam washers.

I love my LG Electronics washer/dryer combo. I don?t know how I managed my laundry before I purchased it!

May 17, 2009
Run as fast as you can away from this machine
by: Polly

I hated this washer/dryer combo. I had it for three months and sold it to a young couple for a $800 loss. It was worth it just to get it out of my house. We are a highly energy efficient family and in fact my father taught energy conservation at a huge state university, so I am very energy conscious.

With that being said, even I get to have a life which means not spending whole days trying to do laundry and waiting for it to dry. I hang my laundry outside until my hands start freezing in the winter(we live in ND)so when I need my dryer I expect it to dry. I found that hanging my clothes outside in freezing weather in March, dried the clothes faster than the dryer, so why would I pay an exorbitant amount for something so inefficient.When the load did complete the dry cycle, they were a wrinkled mess, and this was after taking half the wash load out to dry.

I am a middle aged woman who has raised a family so I have done my share of laundry over the years. The machine we had in Europe worked well so I thought I was getting the same machine. Not so. The one we had in our apartment in London ran on double the voltage and therefore half the time. Run as fast as you can away from this machine.

Mar 04, 2009
Love the allergen cycle
by: Mary

I love my LG Washer/Dryer Combo. First off, it is very space efficient. Having one machine as opposed to two machines is really nice, especially since I had to downsize my dwelling size as of late.

However I would not recommend this size to families with more than two people in them. The wash takes awhile longer, because there is only one machine to the work of both the washer and the dryer. It takes a long time to thoroughly dry clothes with this machine. Luckily for me I only have to wash clothes for two people so its no big deal, but families with children should probably think twice about getting something like this.

Time constraints aside, there is no downside to this machine. I absolutely love the quality of washing it does. The steam wash is perhaps my favorite feature because it allows me to never have to use bleach. The added steam to the wash gives the washer a heightened whitening ability without using bleach. This is a big bonus for me because I hate the smell of bleach, not to mention its just bad for the environment. The steam is also a nice feature when I just need to get the wrinkles out of some pants or a blouse before I head off to work. Its much faster than ironing and best of all I can do my make-up while I get the wrinkles out of my clothes.

The washer also offers an allergen cycle. It uses steam to get rid of all of the allergens that may be attached to my clothes. This feature is really good for my husband who is plagued by horrible allergies. It has really helped with keeping his allergies under wraps. This washer/dryer combo is definitely my favorite purchase so far this year.

Mar 04, 2009
Helps get rid of allergens
by: Marci

After much deliberating and debating, we got the LG WM3988HWA Washer/Dryer Combo with steam. It is an amazing machine that washes and drys the clothes all in one unit. I love not having to transfer clothes from washer to dryer every time I do my laundry.

I like being able to start it and come back to find the machine has done all the work - except I still have to do the folding and put everything away. Maybe they will come up with a clever solution to that problem as well! This was quite an investment, but I think well worth it in energy efficiency and ease of operation. At this point, I can’t imagine going back to the conventional washing machine and dryer we used to use.

We actually don’t have limited space in our laundry room. There is space for both washer and dryer, but I like the concept of just one machine. I now use the extra floor space for a folding table to do the folding and sorting once the machine is finished. You could also put up a drying rack for sweaters and other air dry clothing.

This washing and drying machine is really great for our family because 2 of my children have asthma and suffer from allergies. The steam in this unit helps get rid of allergens that are found in clothing and other materials in the home.

We have noticed a significant improvement in this area. I also like the refresh cycle that allows me to get out the wrinkles in clothes. It is much easier than ironing and doesn’t take very long. The drying process takes a bit longer than the usual dryer, but since I don’t have to do anything, I just come back when it is done. It works out great for us.

Feb 20, 2009
Great apart from slow drying
by: Anonymous

This is the darling machine of our family as it works so efficiently.Lg-WM 3988HWA offers single tub convenience and all the functions can be done so efficient and hassle free way.The unique thing about this model is along with washer and dryer it also offers steam wash which makes it far more superior then any other washer dryer combo machine.Adding steam to washer results in more whiting without using bleach.It also helps in reducing wrinkles in clothes.It is unbelievable for many of us that we complete entire washing cycle in just 20 minutes.Because of steam in this washer dryer combo it gives improved performance and huge saving of water and electricity.

Washing and drying of clothes with our machine is fun and even our kids want to use it often and clean their clothes just by touch of a button.

We are wearing allergen free clothes from the time we bought this machine and we don't have any risk of coughing and sneezing and getting infected because of allergen in clothes.Our machine removes all the allergen from the clothes thanks to its steam wash cycle.

We are bit concerned about its a bit slow dryer but looking on its features i don't think that it really matters that much.One can see all the features one is looking in a washing machine and its fully loaded with all the features.

Company is giving 1 year full warranty on this model and even 2 years warranty on control board,7 years warranty on its motor and life time warranty on its drums.

If one is looking for a comfortable,unique and hassle free combo which even kids can operate then one should go with this machine.

Good thing from good companies attract good prices but this model is competitively priced and must for every home looking for a combo washer and dryer.

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