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Kenmore Elite White 5.2 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer ENERGY STAR®


The Kenmore Elite White 5.2 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer ENERGY STAR® is designed to be as efficient as possible. It also makes use of Smart Motion Technology, which ensures that clothes get taken care of according to their fabric. This Energy Star compliant appliance can be further customized to fit your load and the degree of soiling.

Interior Features
  • The Kenmore Elite top-load washer is Energy Star compliant.
  • The washing machine makes use of Smart Motion Technology, which adjusts its washing motions to the types of special fabrics being washed.
  • It has a special Cold Clean feature, which allows effective cleaning of clothes without the need for warm water. This feature further saves energy.
  • A Save Energy option further saves energy and other resources.
  • The machine’s maximum spinning speed is at 1050 rpm.
  • It has a water level sensor.
  • It has standard and special cycle options.
  • Standard options include normal, heavy duty, whites and delicate.
  • Special cycle options include hand wash, express wash, large items, sanitary, exclusive and custom.
  • The user has the option to treat stains, save more energy, apply extra rinse or delay for up to 19 hours for each cycle or load.
  • The motor spin speeds are varied and can be adjusted accordingly.

    Exterior Features

  • The washing machine model has dispensers for the following: detergent, bleach and fabric softener.
  • The wash basket is made of Never Rust stainless steel.
  • The top and lid are made of glass.
  • The machine has 2 adjustable legs and 2 shelf leveling legs.
  • It has
    a dial with blue LED.
  • The overall color is white.
  • The control panel is white.
  • The tub basket is made of stainless steel.
  • The machine has a heavy duty capacity, at 5.2 cubic feet.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 28-13/32 inches
    Width: 27 inches
    Weight: 146 pounds
    Total volume: 5.2 cu. ft.


  • It is highly recommended to users who want to conserve energy but still be able to pull off a very clean, efficiently-handled load.
  • Being Energy Star compliant with an added Save Energy feature certainly helps in creating a washing machine that helps users save as much as they can on electricity bills.
  • The Smart Motion Technology helps in preserving clothes. Users can preserve a big load of clothes every cycle because of the machine’s heavy duty capacity.


  • Conserving energy may have taken its toll in this Kenmore unit.
  • While the laundry ends up clean and the energy gets conserved, each cycle takes too long. Add up the time to dry and consumers can get really impatient.
  • Some buyers have complained that this model is expensive when compared to other models with similar features.
  • The display panel easily breaks down.


  • efficient cleaning
  • energy conservation features
  • lightweight but high capacity
  • made of durable materials
  • care customized for each fabric
  • uses just enough water
  • can wash and clean even without warm water
  • sophisticated design


  • load takes too long to finish
  • speed becomes compromised because of the other features
  • The display panel is not that durable.

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  • Comments for Kenmore Elite White 5.2 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer ENERGY STAR®

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    Jul 14, 2012
    Wrinkles And Lint Galore
    by: Karen In Michigan

    Wrinkles, wrinkles, wrinkles and lots of lint! I accidently had two brand new shiney quarters in a pants pocket. After standing on my tippy toes to removed the items, found them and they were gouged terribly. Now I understood WHY my clothes were so very wrinkled and covered with lint. It now takes longer to IRON clothes that were washed in this machine than it did to launder them. It beats the clothes and wears them out quickly (reason for so much lint).

    My old washer of 25 years was great, I could take them from the machine, put in the dryer, then hang on hangers and perfect, no wrinkles or lint at all.

    I've had this machine since Feb. 2011 and would never recommend it to anybody.

    It was way over priced for the finished result. I'd rather use the hand wringer washer that my parents used in 1955 than this!

    Jan 24, 2012
    Going to the Laundromat Again!
    by: Broken Again - VA

    Knowing that the Washer is Manf by LG was a bonus, the Koreans seems to have their stuff together, right(Samsung, Kia, LG, etc...).
    Well not so much when it comes to making a quality washer. Kenmore chose to place their badge on this machine and sell it for a premium, much like others our family took the hype bait line and sinker. After 13 months of use our thousand dollar washer completley came apart. While washing a mattress pad and sheet set the washer became so unbalanced that the entire top broke off of the machine and slammed into the dryer and back into the drywall wall beside it creating a large hole. When we finally made it into the Laundry room to see what was happening the washer was still running with the entire lid dangling by the wiring harness that attached to the control panel. After stopping the washer, letting the drywall dust settle, and looking over the damages it seems that the washer while not overloaded failed to kick off a UL error code for unbalanced load and began to self destruct. Like many folks we purchased this to replace a 18 year old washer and dryer set that while washed ok didn't provide the load capacity for a growing family nor the timed wash cycles which are convienent for our on the go family. I contacted the Major Protection Plan folks at Sears and was told that this wouldn't be a convienent process. They stated that the laundry mat reimbursment would issue $25 every 7 days, mind you our laundry mat is 22 miles 1 way and with 10 loads a week we spent over $55 dollars. A week after the break down the tech showed up and said sorry I can't fix it let's get you a replacement, great I thought! Another call to Sears would solve it...nope. After being forwarded several times to alternate extensions and folks that seemded clueless our claim was to be handled by Sedgwick Insurance, moving to Sedgwick we were told to contact LG because they do not handle manf failures. 4 weeks in and Laundry fees adding up still no washer in site and nothing from the folks on repairing the damages to the dryer or our wall.

    Think about your purchases and read the reviews. I thought I was getting another 18 year plus washer turns out I would have been lucky to get 18 months out of it.

    Nov 09, 2011
    Broke within one month!
    by: Anonymous

    I bought this washer less then a month ago and its already broken. It will not drain the water out of the tub. I called customer service and they can get a tech to come look at it in a week and a half. Then I was told that if he has to replace a motor or chip, he would have to order it and come back. I paid $1800 for both washer and dryer! Now they are telling me to go to the laundry mat. I am frustrated. Only thing that went down the drain with this washer is the quality!

    Oct 23, 2011
    Sears does not back their Product
    by: Anonymous

    The washing machine has "blown" two controls boards in 10 months. Each time it has taken over a month to get the part in. The service call center is extremely rude, product of overseas outsourcing (no culpability). We have had Kenmore products for years, this one has really put a bad taste in our mouths. Two loads of ruined laundry, trips to a laundrymat for two months. No a good product!

    Aug 08, 2011
    Worst service ever, machine only 4 months old
    by: Anonymous

    Run far away before buying from sears. Our brand new Elite already needs a new clutch, it's taking weeks for parts to arrive, only speak to service folks in India. An absolute disaster. Btw, it's not a Kenmore, it's an LG rebranded. Stay far away!!!!

    Mar 31, 2011
    to the prior poster
    by: Anonymous

    This washer just came out on the market this year. Secondly 5.0 & 5.2 model which is featured is made by LG and not Whirlpool like yours was. This uses a completely different washing method than the prior model Kenmore that you have

    Jan 29, 2011
    by: Anonymous

    Please help!! Is there a brand out there that doesn't have problems?

    Nov 18, 2010
    Extremely noisy
    by: Anonymous

    This washing machine is extremely noisy. It has a high pitched sound when filling. Even though it has a large capacity tub, you cannot wash a large load of towels because the water will splash over the side of the tub onto the floor. Also the washer is easily thrown off balance, especially with sheets. Everything that is washed comes out extremely twisted and some clothes do not come clean. I would not recommend this washer to anyone. The mother board failed during the first two years (it was covered under the warranty). We are presently researching other brands and plan to replace both washer and dryer.

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