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General Electric ZWXR473ET3WW

by Peter

Our dryer works well and is great at doing its job, drying clothes. It takes the dryer about forty five minutes to dry a medium to large size load. There are also seven cycles this dryer has to offer.

Fabric care lets us tell the dryer if we would prefer high hear, low heat, medium heat, or no heat at all.

Most of the time we have it set on high heat which is also the cotton setting. We are also able to set volume of the drying signal that lets us know when the clothes are dry. We keep the signal set at medium. For more delicate clothes we can change the settings to accommodate the clothes.

There is even a dewrinkle setting which I use very often to get those nasty wrinkles out of my nice shirts and pants. The dryer also allows us to time the dry, up to eighty minutes, but we never use this option. The only downfall our dryer has deals with the lint catcher. The lint catcher cannot be removed from the dryer so it can make the task of removing lint from the dryer difficult at times. Other than that we absolutely love our dryer.

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