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GE Spacemaker DSKP333ECOWW

by Terry Hoult
(Pontiac, MI)

I just recently purchased the GE Spacemaker clothes dryer, model DSKP333ECOWW. I would have to say I'm thoroughly impressed with the purchase.

The reason I bought this specific model would be for two reasons, I live in a townhouse that has very limited space for a washer/dryer set and also due to the fact that I bought it at the same time as the matching washer.

The bright side of this dryer is that it is compact, as well as stackable with the proper support brackets. On the other hand it doesn't dry very well. What I mean is, for the small size of the matching washer the dryer takes an extremely long time to dry.

For instance, a medium load of jeans (like 5 or 6 pairs) would take roughly about 90 minutes to dry thoroughly. Even with a load of socks at half capacity it will take 120 minutes to dry.

Granted I do own the electric model of this unit, were as the gas would dry a bit quicker. All in all, I would say if you have a need for a compact dryer keep this one on the maybe list, but do you research on other models first.

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