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GE Profile Easy Touch Model DPSB620EC4WW

by Carol V
(Milwaukee, WI USA)

I am very pleased with my GE Profile Easy Touch dryer. I have 4 children, so we have a lot of laundry! This is a very large capacity dryer, allowing you to do more laundry with less loads. It is also quieter than most.

The controls are all soft-touch buttons and are very clear and easy to use. There are 6 types of fabrics to choose from. Virtually every aspect of your drying needs can be easily customized, including the load size, dryness level and the drying temperature.

For those of you who hate to iron, this is your perfect dryer! There is an "extended tumble" button that keeps your cooled-down wash fluffing, so it doesn't get wrinkly. This is the best dryer feature I have ever seen. If you are busy and your laundry does stop fluffing, there is another wonderful feature - a "de-wrinkle" button.

With this button you can reheat and cool down your dryer load to get rid of any wrinkles. With these features, I rarely ever need to iron. The dryer senses the moisture level in the clothes so they are always perfectly dried without over drying.

This keeps the clothes looking new longer and keeps them from fading. I would highly recommend this dryer.

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Oct 15, 2016
dryer NEW
by: Anonymous

This dryer has worked well for me.

Jan 04, 2010
extremely disappointed - I want my money back
by: Anonymous

I bought this dryer 3 years ago when my 23 year old Whirlpool dryer died. I have been extremely disappointed with this dryer and the time it takes to dry my clothes - every load is over two hours and on this dryer's third year anniversary to the day it took a record 5 and half hours to dry a load of underwear, not towels, not sweatclothes or jeans - lightweight underwear. I am now waiting for a repairman. I am so sorry I did not repair my old Whirlpool.

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