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GE Profile DPSQ475ET electric dryer


- Reliable
- Easy to use

- Expensive compared to other similarly-featured models
- Limited color selection.

Over all rating 4

The GE Profile DPSQ475ET is a large capacity, front loading electric dryer. It features four fabric care selections, for cottons, permanent press, knits/delicates, and fluff.

It also includes an extra care option, and an audible beep signal to alert you when the drying cycle has finished. This beep alert can be turned off, if you so desire. All of these functions are selected via push buttons.

A large rotating dial selects the various drying cycles. There are two automatic cycles, one for cottons, and one for permanent press. There is also a timed drying cycle, with a maximum time of 80 minutes.

The dial is continuously variable, so you can chose to start at the beginning of a cycle, or at any intermediate position within that cycle's operation. There are visible indicators identifying the various positions for each cycle. For the automatic permanent press cycle they are more dry, less dry, cool down, and extra care.

They are more dry, less dry, and extra care for the automatic cottons cycle. The timed dry cycle has indicators for 80, 70, 60, 50, and 40 minutes, as well as, damp dry and dewrinkle. The GE Profile DPSQ475ET has a nice, large drum, and a handy light inside, which makes loading and unloading easy and convenient.

It has a nice, large lint trap. The GE Profile DPSQ475ET does a good job of drying clothes and other items. The extra care feature is convenient, as it provides an additional 15 minutes of no-heat tumbling at the end of the drying cycle, which will prevent clothes from wrinkling if you don't get to the dryer right after the drying cycle ends.

The lint trap system does an efficient job of trapping lint, and clothes come out of the dryer lint free. The owner's manual includes detailed operating instructions, and a suggested speciality care guide.

We bought our GE Profile DPSQ475ET electric dryer new in 1995. It has been a reliable dryer, requiring no service in the 14 years we've owned it.

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