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GE - Model DBSR453GB2WW

by Diana
(Evansville, IN USA)

This is an exceptional dryer! Most people these days, don't rate GE as a quality producer of appliances, but for some strange reason, it's always the brands that no one else likes, that work great for me. Maybe it's because I take care of my things and do the necessary maintenance on them, just as the manual directs.

Anyway, this dryer came with the house I bought, one year ago. It looked to be in good shape so I just assumed that it would work well. Actually, it works amazingly well. We're a family of four, one of whom is a nine-year-old boy, and you know how dirty boys can get.

We wash and dry one to two loads, every day. And we've done that now for just over a year. This is really a tough machine.

It has a capacity of 7 cubic feet, so it can dry a lot of clothes at one time. It has settings for Automatic (just your regular, not delicate, types of clothes), Cottons, Delicates, Wrinkle Free and Permanent Press. There are also setting for Damp Dry and Dewrinkle. It has four, separate heat settings, also.

You can set the timer for up to 80 minutes and it will alert you with a beep, when it's a few minutes from being finished. And for those of us who hate noise, this dryer is really quiet.

I priced this machine on the internet recently and it sells for about $450. I think that's a great buy, considering the excellent quality of the product. I would recommend this machine to anyone looking for a lower priced, heavy duty, dependable dryer.

Maintenance Tip: After every load, always clean out the lint catcher. If you leave the lint in there, the machine will have to work harder to get your clothes to dry, therefore, making the motor over heat and eventually, cause problems. Just as with every major appliance, I've noticed that a little minor care helps avoid major issues.

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