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by Nichole
(Country Club Hills, Il, USA)

I have been using my GE brand dryer for the past nine months. I do my laundry usually daily so I don’t end up with a big pile of clothes. So far my dryer has been able to put up with the amount of clothes I throw in it. It is an older model but not to old, it has an extra large capacity with 2 cycles. My clothes dry reasonably fast, even my linens. With the large capacity I am able to use it to dry my king sized comforter and pillows in only one cycle.

My mother in law also comes over to do her laundry and she usually washes her rugs. When she is done she puts them in my dryer and they dry in about forty five minutes. She is an elder women and she usually needs help working everything, except my dryer. With only having two cycles and only two knobs she knows how to use it with ease. The print is big enough for her to read what cycle it’s on and what buttons to turn and press.

My husband also likes using it and does not mind throwing the clothes in the dryer. He usually does not like to work any type of machine, but like I mentioned the dryer’s words and buttons are big so they are self explanatory.

Another plus about this dryer is the lint trap. I can easily pull it out and remove the lint in one clump then insert it back into the holder. It is really easy to clean and does a great job on getting the lint removed from my laundry.

Sometimes I will forget to add the dryer sheets and usually with other dryers there will be static. There is usually not that much static on my clothes if any when I forget to add the dryer sheets. I would recommend this dryer to others.

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