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by Mel
(Montgomery, AL, US)

This dryer was purchased from Home Depot in January of this year (2008), to go with a matching front load washer. I like my GE dryer, and it does the job, but I wouldn't say that I love it. It dries the clothing fine, but it seems to wrinkle some heavy things like jeans, and some large things like sheets. The sheets tie themselves up in knots, and I isn't due to overloading, I never do that.

It's worth noting that this model doesn't offer a see-through door. I'm not sure why I miss having one, but I do. I don't exactly love the lint filter either, it's right in the front after you open the door. It seems to miss quite a bit of lint, so there's always some below it when I take it out for cleaning.

I clean it after each load, but some lint and fuzz seems to go right passed the filter and needs to be occasionally vacuumed out of the opening. There seems to be quite a bit of lint dust that accumulates on the dryer and laundry room surfaces too.

What I do like; sensor drying is an option and so is timed drying. There's also a tumble feature to prevent wrinkling.

The dryer itself is plenty large enough for anything my washer can handle. Also, you can turn the buzzer off. There isn't an option of turning it down, and it is loud, but it least it can be turned off.

All in all, this is a fair dryer for a fair price, and I don't regret the purchase, I just wish a few things were less bothersome.

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