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Color detergent Gut und Billig

I can only recommend the „Color Waschmittel“ . It’s from “Gut and Billig”. Though it’s one of the cheapest products found on the shelves the results are brilliant and have the same quality as those from more expensive ones. All spots of normal dirt are cleaned and vanish. I never had to wash a piece of cloth a second time.

I also tried one towels with extreme oil spots. Here some spots remained but compared to state it was in before washing, it was still ok. The product can be used for 30, 40 and 60 degrees though I did use it for a 90 degree washing and the results were good as well. Apart from the oil stained cloth I have never found any stains on the clothes and the detergent always dissolved completely.

It contains less than 5 % of non ionic tensids. One package contains 36 tabs. Always 2 tabs are in a small plastic bag. So no big powder clouds can escape and dirty the shelf.

Apart from that if one goes travelling, it’s easy to take some with you. The package itself is made of hard card board with useful environment and product description printed on it.

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