Wonder Washer Review

The mini wonder washer is your ideal mobile companion! If you’re travelling or on the move and you don’t want to wash your clothes by hand. It is a portable washing machine well worth considering.

With no plumbing needed you just take it out of the box and start washing. If you use it at home for those small loads it can fit nicely under the kitchen sink. This is very useful for singles living in small apartments.

Despite saving space you can take it anywhere very effortlessly. This mini portable washer fits easily into the car and has an attached handle for simple mobility. Weighing around 5 pounds it’s ideal for campers, those hitting the road in their RV or even for the sailors among us.

It’s not just portable but fast too – the wash time takes around 15 minutes. Using 90 percent less water and detergent than the traditional machines it turns out to be economical and eco friendly. Customers testify to its ability to save them money in this way.

It works by spinning the clothes in one direction for a few seconds and then spinning in the other direction. The used water drains out of a whole in the side into the sink or the grass if you out in the wild.

One feature lacking in this mini washer is that it doesn’t spin the clothes dry so you may need to ring out heavier clothes. You can use any type of clothes in the machine but it definitely works best more delicate fabrics.

For a price below 40 dollars, the portable wonder washer does provide good value for money for those of us mobile on the go!


  • Size = 12inches x 12 inches x 16 inches
  • Weight = 5 pounds
  • Capacity = 30 pairs of socks or 2-3 pairs of jeans , 4-5 bath towels


  • Forces detergent into fabrics at high speed for a efficient wash
  • Uses less water than handwashing
  • Uses 90% less detergent and water than conventional machines
  • High and low setting

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