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by Karen R.
(Pine Beach,NJ)

This machine is GARBAGE!!!!! I purchased this machine,which I hate to call a "washing machine" from a local appliance store (in October 2010) that we know quite well. I hated this machine since the first wash cycle!!! I should have known better than to venture beyond the Whirlpool/Kenmore that I had and loved !

HOW DO I HATE THEE??, LET ME COUNT THE WAYS!!! I hate it because I have to run it three times to try to get work clothes clean. I hate that it leaves lint and crud all over the clothes. I hate that half of the clothes don't get water on them until the rinse sprays on them. I hate that the machine ties things in knots. I hate that it doesn't spin out the water like my Kenmore did and the Whirlpool before that. I hate that it sounds like the Blue Angels (Navy) firing up the after burners when it comes to the spin cycle, which once again doesn't take water out of the clothing. I could go on. Boy do I wish I saw these reviews before I bought this piece of JUNK!!!!

IF GE thinks it deserves an energy star rating and that they can CLAIM to be environmentally friendly, they are grossly mistaken!!! What good is it to use less water, if the clothes have to be washed 2-3 times? Also how is it energy efficient, if you have to put wet clothes into a dryer and have it take longer to dry, because it doesn't spin out the water properly. Don't talk to me about "being green". I hang most of my laundry out on the clothes line year round so as not to burn all the gas to use the dryer. When I notice it is heavy with water coming out of the washer, it frustrates me to think how much longer it will take to dry. People are being deceived if they don't realize this point.

I have done wash for a long time and I don't need further instructions to operate a washer. I did get the info to disperse the clothes around that tiny aggitator( if you can call it that!) and then fill up to the top of those holes. It doesn't matter what setting you put it on, you will still get the same 8 inches of water in the tub. Ridiculous is what I thought when I did the first load. I have tried everything to "outsmart" the stupid thing to no avail!

I reached my boiling point today when I did three loads of wash. One on the gentle cycle with a small linen tablecloth and a small piece of fabric the size of a dish towel. It was heavy as I hung it on the line to dry. It is cream colored so I didn't notice crud on it. Then I did a dark load of a table cloth and a sheet and a button shirt. Hanging them on the line, there was soap film and LINT lines all over the tablecloth, so that load got carried off the line and down the stairs to my cellar to go into the washer again. ARGH!!! Then I hung it out a bit more satisfied. Next a load of a white mattress pad and another white knit towel size object.

Well, I used what I had left of the Wisk detergent I had, not HE detergent( but I have to say that I really don't believe that it makes a difference anyway...don't get me started on that farce!). What I saw after I pulled it out of the washer(using the super load size with a heavy wash cycle, there was all kinds of lint and dark streaks, almost like oil on the entire mattress pad! I was furious. It wasn't that dirty to start with. ECK!!!! I threw it back into the washer and sent it on it's second wash. Well when I pulled it out the second time, it was WORSE! There was lint and crud all over the thing. Oh...the second time, I did use the HE detergent!!! I am ashamed to show anyone the crud all over my cover! It is really gross!
Furious now, I showed my husband and said..now I know this is not right! He said , where did all that stuff come from?? I said all the wash loads before this one that should have been washed and rinsed out and down the drain! ECK!!!! So tomorrow I am taking the mattress pad over to my parents and washing it there in their new Whirlpool washer( their prior one just died after 23 years!) where I know it will be clean and spun out correctly.
I am also going to take my husband over to Sears to order parts to fix old bessie(my Kenmore machine that is 12 yres old that died, but is repairable) and possibly to get another washer!

I have had it with this GE washer...I have had it since October and it is just the two of us. I will NEVER buy another GE product ! I was ready to strap it to my back and haul it upstairs and throw it out on the street and say take the thing FREE!!! OR I was going to give it to the local Habitat for Humanity store nearby....IF they'll take it! I haven't even sent in the warranty card yet, nor have I applied for the $50 rebate for the thing. But I will tomorrow, so that I don't get beat out of that $50.
I only wish that I saw these reviews first! I would have saved myself a lot of frustration, water, drying time and my time. And I would have had clean clothes...a novel idea! What a concept, a washer that actually cleans the clothes in it. I would have been better off with two rocks pounding the wash clean!

From what everyone else is saying I will have no recourse with GE. I AM going to let them know just what I think. If they are rude or unprofessional to me, I will make another note here too. If someone puts together a class action suit, count me in!
I thought it was just me and that I got a lemon. Now I see that the scope of the dissatisfaction is so much larger than I had ever imagined! ARGH!!!
Totally disgusted!!

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Jul 19, 2013
by: Anonymous

already broke bought 3.5 years ago, leaks

Mar 14, 2013
More Lint Please!
by: Joey B

You know how you lose lint every time you use the dryer. Well, this machine fixes that problem by dumping lint over everything. If you wash anything black, you will need to comb it after you are done.

Sep 29, 2012
piece of crap
by: sherry

The worst washing machine I have ever owned.

Jul 26, 2012
whre5550k2ww is Garbage!!!
by: Anonymous

I do not do much laundry due to business travel, but my machine's mother board "fried" before I could use the second bottle of soap. The repair cost would exceed the cost of the machine and I paid FULL retail for it!!! GE should have recalled this piece of junk!!!

Oct 17, 2011
I'm with you sister
by: Ronnie

I have to wholeheartedly agree with you. This machine is absolutely disgusting as are my clothes after they have been washed. I am now taking my blankets to the laundromat. We should get a petition together and send it to GE.

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