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White LG 7.3 cu. ft. Capacity Electric Dryer, Mfr. model# DLE3733W

If there was any doubt about the progression of dryers and there efficiency, look no further. I remember the days of old when clothes lines were sprawled from one end of the backyard to the other with pins littered throughout the floor.

This high efficiency dryer provides so many options to dry clothes, as preset conditions make the selection faster. If you’re in a hurry and running late for work, the dial button can easily be set up to start at a specific time, dry at a low, medium or high heat rate for a rather large load.

The great feature of this dryer is the capacity load, which enables roughly 10-12 pairs of jeans with room to spare. Now, that is unheard of with standard dryers. To top it off, the high efficiency reduces the amount of electricity used which lowers your energy bill drastically. The down side to high efficiency is that clothes will take a little longer to dry but the preservation of color and material is well worth the time.

For those who have the washer and dryer next to your bedroom, fret no longer, this dryer is super quiet. The only sound you will hear is when the duration and temperature is set, after that, smooth running.

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