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White Kenmore 5.9 cu. ft. Electric Dryer #68322

by Smiles0265

After years wanting to purchase a dryer,and wanting to find the right one when it was time to purchase one. I purchase one from sears in February.

This dryer is a Kenmore 5.9 c.u.Extra Large Capacity Electric Dryer. Does not take up that much space in my home. It cost me about $300.00 dollars and plus tax. Getting this dryer I thought it was going to be hard to set up.

It was not.The dryer does great when drying. Really does not take that long to dry clothes if you have a little bit in their. However with any dryer that you overload you are going to have problem with getting your close dry.

I like it because it has time drying and air try. It is not the most expenses one, it very basic but it gets the job down for me.I think if you are looking for a dryer and don't want to spend that much money on one.

Kenmore 5.9 cu ft. Extra Large Capacity Electric Dryer.The dryer does not make that much noise.

It is pretty quiet. I have done alot of clothes and I have had no problem. The Kenmore Dryer dries everytime.This is the way to go.

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Jan 07, 2009
Easy to set up
by: Anonymous

I was very pleased with this dryer. The price was right and the options were more than abundant. We live in a very small condo and the dryer (along with the matching washer) fit perfectly in the small utility closet we've designated as the laundry room.

It was really easy to set up and I am very impressed with it's drying capabilities. The drum can hold a very large load and I was more than satisfied with it's ability to dry that many clothes at one time. It has a buzzer feature that you can turn off if you don't want to be annoyed by the sound, as well as a moisture monitor that will keep the dryer running longer if your clothes are still damp after the drying cycle.

I've had no problems with it since I bought it in July. I think this is a great model for people who want a few more than basic drying features but that want to be economical at the same time. The only problems we have had have been with the dryer vent.

We had to buy the vent kit separate from the dryer which was ok, but we've had trouble keeping the vent hose attached to the vent that was previously installed in our home. Don't buy the kit that goes along with this machine. Visit a hardware store to find the right fit.

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