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White Kenmore 500 7.0 cu. ft. capacity electric dryer

by SuzyQ
(Richmond, VA)

I have a very basic Kenmore clothes dryer. It's nothing fancy. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles. It just dries clothes and does it fairly efficiently. I would consider it a middle of the road dryer, meaning that there are cheaper models out there as well as more expensive models. This has 7 cubic feet of space for clothes, which is more than enough for my husband and me. It also will dry bed quilts without a problem (albeit one at a time).

I like this dryer very much. It is quiet and works perfectly well. I haven't had any problems, other than the occasional large loads where I have a lot of towels or blue jeans. They take part of an extra cycle to get dry. However, there are just two of us in the house and we don?t often have unusually large loads of towels or jeans, so for normal, adult-type clothes, it does a fine job.

Buying the machine was easy and the Sears staff was very helpful, as were the delivery folks who arrived on time and got it installed in short order. I was given instructions on how the machine operates (however, it really is a no-brainer to work). I was drying my first load within an hour.

I am impressed at how well it fluffs the clothes so most of the wrinkles come out of shirts, blouses and other permanent press apparel. That is probably the best feature for me, since it saves me pressing time. (I don't care to iron.) There's a buzzer that lets you know when the clothes are finished and it continues to run for 40 minutes more, buzzing every five minutes.
This is good reminder, just in case you're not in the area when the clothes are finished the first time.

It has a delicate cycle, normal, permanent press and heavy-duty settings. It also has timed drying. The one thing missing is an automatic moisture sensor, but I can work around that.

Overall, this is a good value for what I paid (about $350). I'm happy with its performance.

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