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White Kenmore 3.1 cubic foot front load washer

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Product Overview

The Kenmore 3.1 cu washer offers great savings on your water and electric bill. This machine features a tumble action washing system that brings the water down through the clothing which will ensure that the clothes come out cleaner.

Specs at a glance

• 3.1/ CU. FT.

• Height: 44 Inches

• Width: 26-3/4 Inches

• Depth: 27-1/4 Inches

• Colors: White

• 2 RPM Maximum

• 4 temperatures

• Energy Star: Yes

• 4 cycles

There is also a 950 RPM spin speed for the final spin which will remove more of the water from your clothes resulting in a shorter drying time.

There are five different installation options when you buy the Kenmore 3.1 cu washer. You can place it on a pedestal, stack it, install it under a counter, put it in a closet or leave it on its own. The choice is yours with this versatile washer.

This machine also features six wash cycles to take care of all of your washing requirements. There is an option for an extra rinse as well as a detergent, bleach and fabric softener dispenser for your convenience.
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• Exceptionally long lasting and durable machine

Energy Efficient

• Save time through a shorter dryer cycle

• Large capacity for time saver as well as water savings.

• Technology allows for a different washing method resulting in a water saving

• Dispensers for detergent, bleach, and fabric softener ensuring that you never forget to add your softener

• Machine is not as long lasting as other Kenmore models

• Some users have noted a problem with loud noises on the final spin

• Pump may need to be replaced after several years

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Final Thought

When you are choosing a new washing machine, you should ensure that you match the capacity of the machine to the needs of your family. The Kenmore 3.1 cu Washer has a 3.1 cu/ft which will allow for a a fairly large load capacity. There are larger models on the market, however, and if you have a great deal of laundry, you might consider a bigger machine.

A matching dryer will complete your set and allow for plenty of space with the washer. Make certain that you have sufficient space in the area where you will be placing the machine for the best operation of the machine.

Kenmore is a well known brand for washers and dryers and offers reliable machines at a good price. Many consumers have found that their Kenmore machines last for ten to fifteen years.

A sign of good quality in these machines can also be found in the number of people who return to the brand again and again when they purchase a new washer or dryer. Customer satisfaction with the Kenmore 3.1 cu is fairly high and many claim that they would purchase a Kenmore again.

In all, the Kenmore 3.1 cu washer is a great addition to your home if you are looking for an energy efficient machine that will save you time and money.

The machine has an Energy Star rating and will give you savings in the water that is used and the energy required to dry your items after leaving the washer.
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Comments for White Kenmore 3.1 cubic foot front load washer

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Apr 06, 2015
Problems, but resolvable NEW
by: Anonymous

Purchased mine in May of 2001.
What’s great about front loaders is that they use much smaller motors than top-loaders, which have to constantly fight against the clothes: front loader motors simply have to rotate the drum: the clothes clean themselves as they roll over each other.
Started leaking after 2 years. The repair tech said it needed a new drum ($1k...FOR A $700 WASHER!). I removed the top, and saw that the threads of some of the screws that hold the front and rear halves of the drum together had simply pulled out of the plastic: I replaced them ALL with long, narrow bolts, washers, and nuts w/nylon inserts: hasn't leaked since.
Pump stopped working after about 4 years. It was a bit messy draining the water out of the drum, but there's plenty of room to work. About $60 on ebay, I think. It failed again a few years later, so I replaced it again; a couple years after that, it started getting loud, so I replaced it before it failed. I'm looking for another one now, because it's getting loud again.
A couple of the arms of the "spider" (on the back of the drum) broke: it’s no longer sold separately, so I had to buy the entire rear half of the drum: ~$275. Replacement wasn't difficult, but have a helper: the rear drum has high-density concrete castings attached to it for stability during spin cycle.
The drum is supported by two springs, the bottom ends of which simply hook through holes in the plastic where the halves of the drums meet: the bottom hook had simply pulled right through the plastic (on the right side), and dropped the drum. I drilled a much smaller hole next to the original, and hooked the spring through it: finally pulled through the plastic again yesterday (4/5/2015), ~5 years later. Oddly, the hook on left side wore through the plastic much slower, which I repaired before it pulled all the way through. Note that this repair required nothing more than removing the top. Today’s repair involved inserting a snug-fitting metal sleeve into the original hole (which Kenmore should have done in the first place); I’ll probably do the same to the other side soon.
I replaced the struts when I replaced the rear half of the drum: probably didn’t need to: just wanted to be thorough.

Jan 07, 2014
Askoll Pump NEW
by: Pat

I just replaced my pump on a Frigidaire Gallery for the first time. The machine is 12 years old and has the Askoll M65 I guess.
I'm concerned about the replacement pump which has the 2 minute On 10 minute off indication.

What does this mean? Is it the wrong part? I was assured via Amazon that it would work on the machine.

Nov 11, 2013
Askoll Mod m65 pump?? where???
by: Anonymous

Any one know where I can find the m65 pump? I read that the replacement part burns out quick

Jan 28, 2011
Pump issue
by: Anonymous

Anyone that knows of a site that TRULY sells the old M65 pump with a rating of 10 min on/50 min off please post it!!!!

I read these forums, attempted to order the older proper M65 pump, and despite emails prior to purchase assuring me it was, they both sent the 'replacement' M222-5 (must be too hard to read a label.)

I can't waste more time/money being diligent ordering the right part just to have the wrong one show up, you'd think with a bad economy people would still value customer service, boy was I stupid to believe that.

Here's to hoping the M222-5 doesn't burn out as fast as everyone says they do, because I can't find one anywhere (or at least someone that will send it to me when I order it).

Oct 17, 2010
Pump issue too
by: Mark

The washer is very good except for the pump issue everyone else mentioned. About 8 months ago I replaced my pump with the recommended M222-5 and it is burned out again. I found the original model with the 10-50 duty cycle rating on a parts web site and I plan to replace the failed M222-5 with the Askoll M65 (part #137108000). Beats buying a new washer.

Sep 21, 2010
Duty cycle on drain pump
by: Mike M

I read the comments from the mechanical engineer with interest. I just replaced my Askoll M65 pump (labeled with duty cycle 10min on/50min off) with an Askoll M222-5 (labeled with duty cycle 2min on/5min off).

I did this because according the Sears' parts website, the M222-5 (part no. 137108000) is an official replacement for the M65. But on the surface, it sure seems that this new pump is being pressed into service (the 10 minute final spin drain) significantly beyond its rated capacity.

Time will tell if it is a problem. If this pump fails, I am absolutely going back to the m65.

Washer model number 417.43142200

Jun 29, 2010
short life
by: David

Not a good choice. Will not buy another Kenmore, this one has a very short life

May 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

This unit is made by Frigidaire, and has one glaring problem, the pump (Askoll model M222-5), which has a 2 minute duty cycle. I have replaced this item twice at a cost of approximately $80 each, the second replacement failed within 6 months.

Being a Mechnical Engineer with experience with machine tools with duty cycle rated motors, I contacted Sears to talk with someone who could explain why they would use this pump for a 5 to 10 minute drain cycle. All I got was "we can send a repairman out to replace the pump if needed".

In addition to the pump problem, the plastic tub housing stated leaking after about 4 years (molding flash in the seal joint), and the timer control had to be replaced after 6 years (probably because of repeating the spin cycle due to pump failure).

This is not to mention the fact that the original unit had an internal water hose that was not connected properly, and came loose after about a week, flooding the utility room and an adjacent bedroom. Then the installers cross threaded the water connection and I fix that.

Overall I would rate this washer as a piece of junk and avoid buying another Kenmore product.

Jul 07, 2009
Front Loaders
by: Anonymous

Have had this machine for 7 yrs-I love the performance of the machine. It was so quiet that you could be standing next to it and not hear it running. But, after 6 yrs. the drum started making a banging sound. Our floor was not real sound so, we waited until we had installed a new floor to call a repairman. The bearing had gone out and the estimated cost of repairs, including parts and labor, was $700.00.
The Extended Warranty is about $100. a year so, there is not a lot of advantage to carrying it. With what I pd. for the machine plus maintenance agreement, I would have invested over $2300. in this machine. I can't jusify sinking all the money for repairs when the repairman said life expectancy would be only another 3 or 4 more years.

So, my next task is determining what to replace it with.

Jun 23, 2009
Like it a Lot
by: BlueWave

Have been using this for 5months and love the performance, especially compared to our old top load GE. Way more efficient and clothes have been very clean.

Apr 07, 2009
reliability issues
by: Anonymous

do more googling on these washers. they are notorious for having MAJOR breakdown after 5 or 6 years of normal use. repairs cost $300-$400...

Mar 12, 2009
Kudos to Kenmore
by: Richard

We recently moved to a new city and were basically starting out from scratch with no furniture. The first place I went to look for new was Sears, and for good reason. I love their Kenmore line, and this new washing machine (and matching dryer) is the best I've ever owned.

In the past I've had washing machines that didn't do what they advertised. The cycles were never perfect, and I'd have to wash clothes more than once just to get them cleaned.

No more! Now when I put clothes in, they come out clean and ready to be hung up (or dried) without any muss or fuss. This is also my first experience with a front loading machine, and I have to tell you - they are great. This one in particular. I had been concerned about leaking, or my kid opening it accidentally while it was running or the like - but it locks itself! and the rubber seal is basically leak proof, I haven't had an issue.

The features were incredible, for the price I was surprised to get everything I wanted on one machine, and the easy open and close of the detergent panel works like a charm every time.

The machine makes minimal noise, but being in the basement I wouldn't really notice - the great thing though, is that since it's in the basement I'd never hear it finish. Well, the signal for when the cycle ends is just loud enough to make it upstairs, and not loud enough to wake the neighbors, I love it.

Kudos Kenmore.

Mar 08, 2009
Incredibly quiet
by: Katie Kenig

We purchased this washer and accompanying dryer recently during a Sears Days sale event, not long after we'd moved into a new home.

My husband was able to hook up this washer himself, as it was easy to do with simple instructions. Anyone with a small variety of hand tools could do it themselves, and that was a big plus for us!

The other big plus is how incredibly quiet this washer is. I can't believe it! When you are in the basement with the washing machine, it's quieter than the dishwasher that you can hear from the upstairs kitchen (and it's supposed to be a quiet dishwasher, too!). You can sit a few feet away and not be bothered by the noise, though the alarm is loud enough that you can hear it upstairs and through closed doors (on the loud setting).

The water and energy use is great - very low impact on our bills. Overall, this is a great washer, it gets clothes very clean and whites extremely white with a minimum of detergent and bleach, which makes me feel like I'm doing something good for the environment, putting less chemical waste into the water systems.

The only issue I have with this washer is that the small opening and thick rubber seal can make it difficult to load or unload at times. Large items are particularly difficult to get in, and tiny items (like little socks) sometimes get stuck to the washer behind the rubber gasket and missed until the next wash goes through. Still, overall, it's a great machine for the money.

Feb 02, 2009
Efficiency saves me lots of money
by: Daniel

I have a Kenmore high efficiency front loading washing machine. I Love this machine. It spins the clothes at such a high rate of speed that the clothes are almost dry when they come out of the wash. The clothes come out smelling fresh and new every time.

The Kenmore front loading washing machine also uses very little water compared to a top loading machine saving you a good amount of money on your water bill. With everyone on a water meter this is very beneficial. After washing my clothes with my Kenmore front loading machine the drying process is very quick saving me lots of money on my electricity bill, not to mention saving a lot of wear and tear on your dryer.

There are several different cycles that you can use including but not limited to hot, warm or cold wash. You have three choices of what size load you are going to wash heavy, normal and light. The drum is solid steel and very durable. The capacity is approx 3.1 cu ft. allowing you to wash a lot of clothes at once. The machine is very noise friendly, you can hardly hear that it is running.

I have had my machine for two years now and have never had any problems what so ever. The best thing I like about the Kenmore front loading machine is you can also get a matching dryer that can sit side by side with the washer or be stacked on top and bolted down as well.

If you are in the market for an affordable washing machine you can't beat the price you will pay for a Kenmore and you can't beat the quality either. I was able to buy the washer and dryer at K-mart for only $800.00 that is very cheap for what I got. You can spend more than that for just the washer and get a product that will not perform like my Kenmore.

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