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Whirlpool WTW6800WL Top Load Washer 5.0 cu ft

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  Quick Specs  
Style: top loading,: size = 27.5 x 42 x 27
Cleaning: : 1,100 rpm, 5.0 cu ft, 5 temperatures
Cycles: 14 (incl. Bulky, quick, whitest, casual, delicate, soak)
Features: energy star, 6th sense technology, 10 hour delay wash, time remaining indicator, noise reduction feature, end of cycle signal, add a garment,
fast spinning washing machine


Whirlpool's top load washing machine WTW6800WL provides customers with energy efficiency and large capacity.

The machine can hold up to three baskets of clothes in one wash load. This model uses 71 percent less water (conserving about 24 gallons), saving you more money on water bill expenses.

Electricity is also conserved through the washer?s 69 percent reduced energy consumption. The Innovative Cabrio wash plate ensures minimal water use and maximum cleaning through its fountain-type mechanism.

Key Features

- Well-known consumer magazine rated this model as a ?best buy.?
- Machine can execute up to 14 automatic cycles, which include the quick wash cycle, casual cycle, delicate cycle, soak cycle, and whitest white cycle.
- There are five water temperatures to choose from.
- Electricity-efficient features are Energy Star qualified.
- Maximum spin speed reaches 1,100 RPM.
- Improved cleansing via the on or off extra rinse option.
- Waiting can be anticipated through the estimated time remaining display.
- Machine does not disturb the peace thanks to the ultra quiet wash plus noise reduction system.
- Loads can be added with the add-a-garment indicator.
- Proper heat is maintained through the care control temperature management.


The model is made of durable stainless steel, giving it a clean and sleek modern look. Adding to this contemporary design is a see-through glass window lid. In terms of performance, it runs at four spin speeds with a 1,100 maximum spin rate. Detergent and bleach are controlled through the automatic dispenser. Bleach use is timed with the dispenser.

Temperature control provides five degrees, suitable to any load size and clothing material. The degree ranges run between hot/cold and warm/cold. Thorough cleansing is managed with four soil levels.

The machine is not too large or small, measuring 42 inches in height, 27 inches in depth, and 27.5 inches in width. These measurements can fit into a medium to large-sized room.


This washing machine model is sold at an average price below $1,100. Homeowners under a budget will have a problem coping with this extremely expensive price. This average price applies to online retailers and local appliance centers. Those under a tight budget probably won?t need the model?s extra temperature ranges and wash cycles.

It is not the machine for consumers after basic functions. The high price may also seem like a rip-off despite the energy and water saving features. It is only advisable for individuals with a high amount of money.

Manuals and Info

Owners Manual

Warranty Guides

Installation Instructions

Parts List


- Numerous cycle options
- Sleek, modern look
- Noise reduction system
- Appropriate temperature management
- All kinds of spin speeds
- Cleans efficiently without wasting water and electricity
- High tech features are useful and practical
- Timing allows for scheduled wash days; delay option allows for planning ahead
- Durable system and comes with a warranty upon purchase


- Very expensive price despite promise of energy and water savings
- May not be worth the thousands price.
- Not suitable for individuals after basic washing machine functions

Comments for Whirlpool WTW6800WL Top Load Washer 5.0 cu ft

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Apr 21, 2013
Worst Washer i ever owned
by: linda

Worst washing machine that I have owned in my life and I am 71years old. Whirlpool give you the around they want stand behind their product. they get your money your on your own. Washer is just two years old I'v had washers that lasted 10years and didn't cost near as much never buy anything that made by whirlpool again.

Feb 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

Where do I start? Just JUNK!!!

Clothing still dirty after washing... items still smell like your dirty armpit... or puke.(despite regular cleaning of the machine and leaving the lid open.)

Clothing twisted up in a tangled mess...

Clothing shredded... full of holes...

1 year & 7 months leaking from undercarriage, I suspect the pump has gone out... waiting for repair.

This is defiantly the machine for the person who hates their wardrobe, and wants all new items/linens....

Oct 28, 2010
Trashes and wrinkles clothes
by: Overworked Dad

Because the washer doesn't allow the water level to go above the height of the wet clothes, they get badly twisted becuase they just grind against one another and the agitator rather than moving around freely in water.

Our clothes come out terribly wrinkled and items like older t-shirts get stretched out and torn from the grinding.

It cost $800 and we're throwing it away for an old-school washer!

Oct 07, 2010
On the fence
by: Anonymous

I don't like the wash cycle, but I might be able to live with it. I have problem with the spray rinsing technology as I don't see how the clothes can be rinsed properly as they were all stuck together. However, the clothes seem to come out looking clean and smelling good. I don't like it but I cannot find a model with big enough capacity that has the traditional agitator. I am undecided if I want to keep it or replace with another one.

Jul 05, 2010
Not at all a bargain
by: Anonymous

We purchased this washer about 4 years ago. The sales person told us that it was their "hot" item in the showroom. We were very disatisfied with the way it washed the clothes and bigger items like sheets or conforter get tangled. One day we left the house with the machine running and came back to it in pieces. One of the sheets that we were washing got tangled and it cased the machine to rock back and forth. The machine made a hole on the wall and the top of the washer came off completely. We called Whirlpool and of course there is nothing they can do about it. If you buy this washer make sure you buy the extended warranty, better yet, get a different brand all together.

May 08, 2010
Cleans poorly
by: L. Gill

I am extremely dissatisfied with this machine. I bought it two months ago and it does not properly wash clothes. They come out partly cleaned.

The energy saving feature fills the tub to inches below the top of the clothes so if you have a small load half of your clothes don't even get washed. If I wash dress shirts or socks and underwear, I have to do the wash, flip the clothes over, and do it again to get things clean. What an energy saving feature.

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