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Whirlpool WTW57ESVH Washing Machine 3.5 cu ft


The WTW57ESVH model is the latest energy saving washing machine by Whirlpool. The model consumes 50 percent less energy and 35 percent less water. It efficiently washes two baskets of clothes within one load.

The Triple Spray Technology (TST) employs water conservation by choosing the best water level based on the current load. The TST applies three kinds of spray nozzles to fill the wash basket with water faster without using up too much.

Key Features

  • Offers a wide selection of 32 automatic cycles.
  • Customers can choose from six water temperature options.
  • Heat is controlled through the care control temperature management.
  • TST is enhances with an auto load sensing system.
  • Wash cycle options range from quick wash, hand wash, soak, casual, delicate, to prewash. The delicate cycle applies low spin speed and decrease agitation speed to care for vulnerable or easily torn fabrics in the wash. Alternating agitation periods are applied to reenact hand washing.
  • Clothing materials can be extra cared for via the on/off extra rinse option or the on/off fabric softener knob. There's also the bleach dispenser and fabric softener dispenser.
  • The Quiet Wash Noise Reduction system muffles disturbances through sound-absorbing materials surrounding the wash basket.


  • This model is energy star qualified, assuring customers of reduced electricity bills and more money for other expenses.
  • The various cycle and speed options allow proper care and efficient maintenance of different clothing materials.
  • The six different temperature choices complement these supplementary wash features.
  • Another useful wash feature
    is the bleach dispenser, which controls the colors found on clothing prints and material.
  • Customers don't have to worry about their shirts getting too white after a wash.
  • The machine has a rather large depth, measuring 25.5 inches, allowing for large loads in one single go.
  • Its capacity measures at 3.5 cubic feet.
  • Controls are easy to adjust, using old-school knobs to change settings.


  • Small apartment or condominium owners will have a problem with the machine's long height (42.5 inches) and large capacity.
  • It is not suitable for individuals who live alone or parents with small families.
  • There have been problems of a person opening the load, only to find the machine restarts the cycle all over again.
  • The machine cannot continue its business, forcing one to restart the cycle and use up more water.

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  • Affordable price
  • Large capacity
  • Various wash cycle and water level options
  • Energy efficient
  • Takes up less space compared to large capacity top load washers
  • Knob adjustments are easy to understand for older generation customers
  • Comes at affordable price less than $700 in most retailers and appliance stores
  • Has very useful features


  • Washing machine stops the cycle after opening the lid just to check on the clothes.
  • Online orders are usually faulty; better to order from local stores.
  • Noise reduction system does not make the machine completely quiet.
  • Setting may be hard to understand for first time users.

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    Jan 30, 2013
    Never again!
    by: Kelly

    I wanted a colored washer. So did research for front loader, however too many bad reviews. So I bought a red top load. Hmm the best of both worlds. Well to my surprise don't buy a washer because of the color. I have had this washer fixed three times in two years. It is so loud and starting to not clean clothes as well as it did two years ago. You would think for what I paid for it (around 1,000) it would of lasted longer than two years. now the matching dryer have not had one problem.

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