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Whirlpool WTW5300VW

I was looking for a small, portable washing machine, since I live in an apartment and don't see myself buying a house very soon. I found this Whirlpool, and it seemed to be what I was looking for - small size, lots of features, and a brand I was familiar with (my mother had Whirlpool appliances). It was pretty reasonably priced - cheaper than most of the other models, in fact - which really kind of sold me on it.

At first, I was pretty happy with it. It did everything it was supposed to do pretty well - it hasn't leaked or refused to work so far, actually. The capacity isn't anything to brag about - it's pretty small, so I have to split my laundry up into a lot of loads - but I guess that's the tradeoff for having a portable washer. It's also pretty easy to use.

The dials are clear, so I can tell what I'm doing, and I'm not worried about the thing breaking as far as dials or hinges - it seems to be really solidly built, which wasn't necessarily a concern of mine (I'm not rough on my appliances) but it's a perk knowing that I won't have to hire a repairman anytime soon.

My complaints with the machine, begin with the fact that the thing is SO LOUD. My apartment is reasonably-sized, but there's nowhere in the place I can go that I can't hear the thing running. I kind of wished it would have been quieter so I could, you know, listen to music or something while it was going.

Also, the capacity - again, I should have expected this - but it fills up very fast. My last round of laundry took me eight loads, which I think is excessive. I wonder if I wouldn't actually be saving water, detergent, and money by buying a larger washer?

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Jan 12, 2012
Can only use hot water
by: Anonymous

After about 8 months I can no longer get cold water. Hoses check OK. With the amount of washing we do, using all hoit water will get expensive. Still under warranty If I can find the receipt. I can remember when a washer would last 10 years with maybe just 1 belt change. My last one went about 3 years before the timer went then another 3 before the clutch went. This one, 8 months. Still under warranty If I can find the receipt. I will see how whirlpool honors thier warranty. IS there any brenad name left that make a qualitu applicanc?

May 06, 2010
Hot water isn't hot
by: Remorseful buyer

Automatic temperature control (ATC) keeps "hot" water down to 105 degrees F, so it's impossible to get clothes really clean. Select hot and you get warm water. NOT recommended.

Mar 03, 2009
Saves time and energy
by: Anonymous

A washing machine is a machine designed to clean laundry,such as clothing, towels and sheets. All washer machines work by using mechanical energy,thermal energy,and chemical action. This portable model of Whirlpool WTW5300VW is one of the efficient and advanced models in Whirlpool series.

This washing machine has 7 cycles including quick wash,soak,heavy-duty, prewash,extra-spin,light and cotton which meet the needs of different garments. The machine saves time and energy as the wash basket which is 3.2 cu.ft. accommodates large loads.

This machine is loaded with porcelain tub which is durable and stands up to wear and tear. Direct drive wash system and 2-piece Surgilator agitator thoroughly washes clothing for a complete clean. Spills don't get out of hand as spillguard top contains detergent. While the machine is at work the operational noise produced get reduced as it has sound package. So it is very quiet and peaceful while washing clothes.

The 3 wash/spin speeds,3 water levels and 3 temperature selections allows you to customize each cycle for improved results.The cleaning agents are distributed at the proper time during the cycle by the help of bleach,fabric softener and pre-wash dispensers.

This washing machine being portable performs all the functions of a full size machine. It is very light in weight and so easily movable. This machine is ideal for an apartment,condo or any place where space is limited. There is quite a lot of features packed in to this small portable size machine including dryer.

This machine is provided with a one year warranty from the date of purchase. This limited warranty is valid only in the United States or Canada and applies only when the major appliance is used in the country in which it was purchased. Service must be provided by a Whirlpool designated service company. Whirlpool made this machine with mobility in mind so it is built for durability. This is one washing machine I know will last a long time.

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