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Whirlpool WM FP 60 Dlx

by Lalan

I bought Whirlpool White magic FP 60DLX model washing machine which is fully automatic top loading in 2005 from HALDIA. It didn't give me a good quality washing performance. My experiences with this machine have been really bad and feel like to switch to any other model preferably a semiautomatic one.

The interior is made of fiber. The quality of agitation required for a good quality washing is not there in this machine. You need to rub the clothes in between the washing process. This defeats the very purpose of owning a fully automatic washing machine. The agitation type is only rotation with slight back jerks. This doesn't result in good washing. I am not satisfied with this as this requires me to stop the process and do some manual rubbing for better cleaning.

Without this the clothes do not get cleaned and all the dirt marks remain.
Also the washing powder you use remains partly undissolved which leaves white marks on the clothes after washing. This happens with any washing powder you use. Hot water may reduce this problem but this facility is not available in this model.

The machine motor is very powerful and gives a very good speed while spin.
Washing a less amount of clothes also is again a problem. The capacity being 6 kg, if you put fewer clothes, the machine starts to move and dance. Initially I got frightened of this and called the customer care. As per them it happens sometimes. You just have to hold the machine to stop moving it. This happens because the clothes get accumulated together at one place and are not uniformly distributed. You have to stop the process, refill the clothes uniformly and then start again.

The machine has four wash mechanisms and none I found satisfactory. The washing cycles take about one hour.

I have almost left using it except for bed sheets, covers etc. Occasionally I use it in spin mode only free the water after manual washing. In my opinion a front loading machine and with hot wash facility would serve the purpose much better. Otherwise one should go for a semi automatic model.

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Dec 05, 2012
whirlpool washing machine FP60
by: Murali

The FP60 Whirlpool indeed a bad product. Lot of defects, parts failing often like PCB panel, torque motor. Bad buy me.

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