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Whirlpool WGT3300SQ gas laundry center Washer/Dryer

The WGT3300SQ is a washer and dryer combo unit made available by Whirlpool. With its two in one function, the model is made to complement space restrictions without subtracting from the high quality wash necessary for each household. Some of the features include the Double Duty Surgilator Agitator which makes for a more refined wash each time.

The Tumble Press cycle option is designed to minimize possible wrinkles on the fabric as well as keep them smelling fresh and clean. Read below for a more comprehensive review regarding this product.

Key features

- Washer comes with a 2.6 cu. ft capacity wash basket.
- It comes with a porcelain basket for durability.
- It allows for four wash and rinse temperature combinations.
- It has stepped down agitation.
- It features the Double Duty Surgilator Agitator for a higher quality wash.
- It comes with three wash/spin combinations.
- It allows for four water level selections.
- It comes with a fabric softener dispenser.
- Unit also has a bleach dispenser.
- A self cleaning lint filter is also made available.
- For durability, a ToughTop II lid and top comes with the model.
- The dryer allows for a 5.9 cu. ft. capacity.
- It features an automatic dry control.
- It comes with six different cycles.
- It features the Tumble Press cycle.
- It allows for an on and off end of cycle signal.
- It comes with three temperature selections.
- It comes with a side swing door.
- It features a front mounted lint screen.
- It comes with
DuraWhite interior.
- It has 4-way venting option.


This combo unit is within a reasonable price range and is thus an excellent buy for some homeowners. Being a two in one device, the unit is compact and ideal for homes with small spaces to spare. Features include the Double Duty Surgilator Agitator ensures a thorough clean for each wash.

It also comes with the Tumble Press option that allows users to minimize the wrinkles on the clothes as well as keep the fabric smelling fresh. A porcelain basket is made available for durability and a ToughTop II lid is also included in the product. Cycle options vary with four wash and rinse temperature combinations possible. Fabric softener and bleach dispensers are also present for strategic use of detergent.


The WGT3300SQ model only comes in white color and may limit decoration choices. Some features included in upper scale models are also noticeably absent in this Whirlpool unit.

This includes sensor dry, interior light and water heater settings which are not available with the product. Also, noise reduction is not available and thus the unit creates a substantial amount of sound per operation.

Consumer thoughts


- Adequate price
- Combo unit
- Easy to use
- Saves up on space
- Durable
- 2.6 cu. ft capacity for the washer
- 5.9 cu. ft. capacity for the dryer
- Comes with various features


- No interior light
- No water heater settings
- No sensor dry
- No child lock
- No noise reduction
- Only comes in white color

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Comments for Whirlpool WGT3300SQ gas laundry center Washer/Dryer

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May 06, 2010
lasted 4 years so far
by: Edward

This whirlpool model is great to have when you have limited room in your laundry area. It takes up very limited room and extends to about 6 and a half feet tall. I purchased this washer/dryer combination because our old one lived out it's life and I trust the whirlpool brand name. I initially looked at side-by-side washer/dryer but then I realized that with this model, I can save room in my laundry room and commit that space to other things. This truly has allowed me to do more in the room once solely dedicated to laundry. One way to put it would be two beds side by side for two people versus bunk beds, the difference is quite noticeable!

The washer (below) is very easy to load as the dryer mounted on top of it allows for the door to be widely opened.

One of the few problems I have with this model is that the washing machine's cylinder for washing is a bit small, but that's what is to be expected when you have a slim washer/dryer. One problem that is not necessarily noticeable from the outside is the fact that the dryer does not have much drying power.

I constantly find myself putting clothes back into the dryer for a second cycle because they were not dry enough.

I don't know if the load is too big for the top mounted dryer or if there is simply a problem with my individual unit, but I find this to be the biggest downfall of this product.

Otherwise, it is a quality product for a reasonable price. We have had it for nearly 4 years now and it works the same as it did we bought it.

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